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Thursday, November 8, 2012

In Times of Need, the Universe Provides

This quote, from the executive producer of "Big Bang Theory", fell into my hands this very evening.

"#212: I believe the voices of fear, both from without and from within, can only be dispelled by trusting the voice that comes from the Heart.  Be still and Listen to it.  If it speaks of Love and Compassion for others, for the world itself, it might just be the Voice of God -- or a reasonable facsimile.  If, however, it snarls with fear of the unknown, fear of losing what you have, or not getting what you want, then it just might be the voice of Rupert Murdoch-- or a reasonable facsimile."

PJ and I exchanged comments on the affect that all the trash talking "news" outlets, and their talk show hucksters, have had on the country and it's citizens.  Targeting leaders whom they wanted out of the way, Faux News has gained billions of dollars in revenue.  Isn't it sad that they did it all for nothing more than money? Forget the Truth, that was never a goal!

I know some scared people in my own town.  They are terrified and frantic.  They've been driven mad for the sake of building someone's fortune.  That someone was never interested in things like "The Truth", nor had they any respect for the sound reasoning behind the creation of the First Amendment.  All the worst of them saw was, "a way to make money".  That is, in Navajo parlance, the definition of Evil.

As I say, The Universe provides....

It's late.  I might have put this Wiley up before.  I love interchanges between Danae and her Dad.

And all the Monsters didn't go into Banking.  Just some of them.
Something Happier to contemplate:

Those perfect peaches in Santa Cruz in Summer.  Yummm!  Since Summer is my least favorite season, it's good to remember without summer, we wouldn't have a bountiful supply of these amazing fruits.  But, winter, in California, brings Navel Oranges to market.  I can hardly wait! 

Have a nice tomorrow! 


  1. Ohhhhh but summer! I love it (though I'm betting its hotter in Cali than Mass...)

  2. AlwaysJoy, you win that one. I used to love summers because, well, I was a school kid and that's when a person LIVES for summer.

    We get summers full of days above a hundred degrees. I try to get myself either North or down to the sea before it happens but sometimes it's not possible.



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