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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tails and a hope balloon sent aloft for my knitting

Millions have seen this video of the Border Collie who found, and kept safe, a toddler lost in the woods.  He found his (little) man.  DH sent it to me, and so it's being shared for you to see.  In case, that is, you may have missed it.

And here is our own little miracle "man" (photo taken at his auntie's house) safe in the arms of his Poppa.  He's a miracle to us, too.  He's been re-socialized and is happy again we think.  He seems happy, after all that itchy scratchy thing got settled down.

Yesterday we went to a Christmas get-together with the Rockhounds, and one of my friends asked if we'd ever gotten another dog after Jazz died.  I told her that we'd gotten so depressed after he died that about five months later, I started looking at shelter dogs and after awhile we had found Wolfie at the pound.

She told me about someone she knew who had taken a new, very demanding job in a new city after her mother had died,  and because the job was new and so demanding, she could not be home with her sick 15 year old dog.  When the little dog had died in the lady's absence from home, she was so distraught that she had a nervous breakdown.  So, my rockhound friend and I both agreed that adopting a new dog was the saving grace for me and DH.  People who don't like animals would never understand this, but those who do, understand perfectly.  Sometimes your pet is your only friend and they are like a little child to you.  You get very close to them.

I think the lesson in this is that if you see a friend or family member despondent over the death of their pet, get them to talk out their feelings, and eventually, if the timing seems right, try to get them to start thinking about saving another little life.  DH and I both know that Wolfie rescued us as much as we rescued him.

Knitting is not happening.  But I think when the twins are here, I'll block and sew that Noro sweater together for my DD.  Maybe Elle's pink one will be ready, too. I'm getting it out to work on it, since I CANNOT FIND MY JEWELRY PLIERS, and am not about to buy new ones.  Anyway, the girls and I can sit and do them, and we can learn to block sweaters together.   This is why I miss my girls.  We do things together, even cooking.  It's lovely.

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday and rest of the week.  

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