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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Santa Calls to NORAD and Saturday Komeekz .... Late

Associated Press ran this article by Dan Elliot , very sweet.

We had a grand time at a family party at our niece's and nephew's house last night.  Another  nephew and his girlfriend were there visiting as well.  His girlfriend is a lovely young woman who is a Veterinary Assistant, and has recently rescued two new doggies.

After the feast, we played that quarters game again, ( LRC ), and it's really fun!  We laughed a lot. It's Absolutely Brilliant Fun.

Merry Christmas Y'all  I'm on the net book so no pictures!

Oh!  A real screamer from Bizzaro!

Merry Annoy the Neighbors Day!

God, I love that man!  Kisses!


  1. Very funny. Those commercials get me too. Who gives a car for Christmas? Not someone at my income level.

  2. Hey there suemac. I see you got a huge roll of quilt batting down your way. Yay! But I'm jealous.

    As to Christmas wheels, I got a bike once! I've never known anyone to actually receive a car for Christmas either. We have an ancient pick up and a 12 year old jeep,both of which I hope will last forever. There's something about the price of those tiny Fiats - the only one I want- that puts me off.


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