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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Matinee: "Last Call at the Oasis", and a little flowerpower.

I watched this documentary with intense interest because San Diego is at the end of a pipeline down here in the Southland.  And also, I am painfully aware that the Colorado River doesn't even reach it's delta and has not for several years.   If that isn't a warning of things to come, well, then nothing is.

When I went to find sites about "Last Call at the Oasis", I found one at the very top of the list that was undoubtedly generated by interests friendly to Atrazine ( banned by the European Union) which is one of the accused culprit chemicals from the film. HERE is that site (An Advertizement and clearly marked as such), aptly named "Saving the Oasis".   If you go to the "Frogs" tab, it besmirches the research done by  Tyrone Hayes, UC Berkeley.

To the sneaky pete's on the contact info page of that web site, I'll see that, and I'll raise you one here at Alex Prud'homme's book, "The Ripple Effect", since you apparently don't mind gambling with all of our futures. And furthermore, here is the Royal Flush! from the New York Times.  No pun intended.

And,finally  HERE is the Washington Post's review of the movie, "Last Call at the Oasis".
From where I sit in dry San Diego, the film makes good sense.  From the standpoint of disappearing frogs, I'd like to point out that human skin is permeable, too. 

In this Burg, a project for a state-of-the-art water purification plant proposition was voted down.   Personally, I think it's got to be a lot better than some of the stuff coming out of the Mississippi river as it makes it's way to the Gulf.

Jack Black, my hero.  "Porcelain Springs".  Give it a try; you might like it.  Can I have that Unicorn, Jack?

Flower Shot:
Sunflowers on a Gray Day

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