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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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"Milagro Beanfield War"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Tails, Accidental Art, Walk with Beauty

Wolfie loves belly rubs, and he loves his comfort.  After living Heaven only knows how long out there in the "wilds" of Central San Diego and the riverbed, we think he's earned a little comfort coddling.   He gets tiny treats for everything from homecoming of the Alphas to being a good boy during dinnertime. 

He loves to sleep on the bed beside me while I read or knit, and he snuggles up to the Butterfly pillow whenever he can.  It has my scent on it because I use the other side of it for my sleeping pillow.  Sometimes, when we come home we find him scrunched up to it and sleeping away.  Wolfie snuggles up to the DH at night, probably because I will push the Furbeast away if he locks me in place with his fat, little body.

DH snores but will never admit to it.  Last night, at 1 am,  DH was snoring so loudly that even Wolfie was worried and whined in his sleep about it.  I gently poked the Alpha Male in the ribs and said, nicely, that he should turn on his side because he "was scaring the dog".  DH said, "How can I be snoring! I'm not even asleep!"

Any of you guys ever hear that rather untruthful retort when you finally give in to the instinct for survival (and to get a little sleep) and poke the Papa Bear in the ribs?

Monday, I made the first of four cookie doughs after going to fitness.  We trotted out to Sears, too, where I scored some underthings from my favorite under thing company.  I was thinking of making my own like my Auntie J once taught me to do, but laziness and wanting to support the economy prevailed.   We must support the economy, even though no one, apparently, wants us to have enough money to do it.  Sad, eh?

Well, here's a pretty thang for reading this far.  It's from a display at Monterey Aquarium.  There are several of these amazing art works on display there, made from plastics found floating in the gyre in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.   This isn't exactly accidental art, but I guess it is re-cycled art.

As with any photo here, make it big
All the better to see what's in a gyre way out there in the Pacific

May you walk with Beauty all around you.  And feel blessed.


  1. How pretty that sea art thing is.I hope somebody is proud.

  2. There are three that were on display, maybe four. I'll share more later on in the month. All made from Gyre plastics. They are all amazing. Thanks for your comment, k.


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