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Kilgore Trout

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Saint Augustine

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching up and a Sky watcher post.

Storm breaking up on New Year's Day, new one here already

I am so tired!  I am worn to a nubbin, I tell you!  I'm resting a lot but did manage one set of weight lifting a laundry basket which is surprisingly heavy when there are jeans in it. 

But, we all had a good time, and we started getting some stuff sorted out for a get together before the hot summer weather stops all activity that involves anymore than raising a finger into the wind!

The kids and their daddy hiked all over the half acre, and so did Wolfie.  For an Urban/suburban area, San Diego has a ton of first class hiking and climbing opportunities.  One place we didn't get to go see (that's fun but no 'hike') is City Farmers. 

La 'Nina' had to go to the shop, and when she gets home then old 'Pfaffie' gets sent.  This is because they were so arthritic from dis-use that neither of them could sew a  simple button hole.  The Nina's problems were so serious.  It looked like the screen went Pffft!.  That is scary because she is so old that if the motherboard was bad, it would have been all over for  my old gal.  There are no new ones available.  Shame on me for not sewing  for so long!  I've promised both my old ladies they will be utilized for MUCH more sewing in the new year.  I'm making draperies and curtains and other smaller things like stuffed animals.

Monday the four of us went to see two shows at the space theater, played around with all the kids stuff at the Science museum, and then went to our favorite place to eat Mexican food,  ( Bahia #1), for an early dinner.  DH bought me an Einstein T-shirt to wear, with my Einstein hair, to fitness.  All I have is Professor Einstein's hairdo, not, alas, his brain power.  Darn!  Evolution can be cruel at times.

Not just little kids were having fun that day.  DH and I built this:

The big chair in the background was very popular with adults.

Warning: If you want a headache, just go there when there are LOTS of kids who are screaming.  I don't know how modern mothers make it.

Citizen Science: We did see evidence of some climate change on our walk to the Space Theater in Balboa Park.  The Carolina Cherry trees which are usually putting out blossoms this time of year, are not.  Because of several freezing nights in the last couple of months, the trees turned to autumn colored leaf dropping instead.

Go ahead, make it bigger...

The twins left for home on Tuesday morning.  Later in the afternoon we got a call, about DH's momma,  that she needed assistance.  DH went to attend, and, so, I got Wolfie's dinner that night and  my own; Wolfie got kibble.  Mine consisted of a hard cooked egg, a wheat tortilla with butter and honey, and some nice hot green tea.  Now that's a nicely balanced meal, right?  It was a very good supper with the least fuss.  One of the best kinds, eh?  Only, a lava cake could have made it better, maybe?  But I've gained two pounds and have to get rid of that and go back to trimming down.  So, no desserts for awhile!

I don't have a lot of pictures as the one taking pictures took them all home.  But I've got a few...

The little Owls project:

Two Down

Even sweeter in person.  Biggest is maybe 2 inches tall.
The patterns are in the top right corner.

I did find a better picture of the Medusa-like flower heads that came to visit over the back fence.

I'm so glad I got pictures of these Amaranth
before they were cut back.  Lovely things!
Always look for the lovely things as they are usually little enough to make you happy without making you giddy.  Giddy fades pretty darn fast but lovely little things in the storehouse of memory can carry you through a week.

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