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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Matinee: "Dive". And, "If Downton Abbey took place on Facebook"

Thank you Kara, Daaaling!

If any of the rest of you are fans of "Downton Abbey",  you will love this campy, outrageous, faux facebook


Weather report, given twice..once too many times- sort of like listening to the endless loop on NOAA weather radio broadcasts.. Ahemm ... But, I digress... 

Weather report:  We had a wind off the cold water, and it froze half of the tomato plants.  So, I went out and picked the fruits off in case we got a frost after a short, random rainy spell last night.   I might make green tomato relish with them from my mother's recipe. I got enough for about a pint! lol  It's supposed to get down to 32 degrees F. tonight, so I expect to lose the rest of them tonight.  We'll see, because they are tough little heirlooms that don't know when to quit!

Recently we watched a documentary called "Dive!" again when the kids were here.  If it doesn't make you sick it will make you mad (or maybe sad).

It's a documentary about how much food goes into landfills from supermarket dumpsters.  It made me sad, but happy in an odd way, too.   There are people who are now getting more food for their local programs.  Alas, one of them, the Food Bank, isn't, or wasn't at the time of the making of the documentary.  So, that was really sad.

Something needs to be done about this!  I feel that the more people who are informed, the less hungry American families there will be out there.  We waste an ENORMOUS amount of food, and kill a great many animals and just throw their bodies into the landfills in America.  Why?  That's a lot of suffering and abuse that could be ended also.

Anyway,  if you are interested, or in anyway in a position to help stop this, the movie is called "Dive!"
Prepare to be shocked.


  1. Nice post. My husband watched Dive. I `ve seen other films about the same subject. I agree with you about the waste. We help people when we are able, in small ways. What is small to us might be tremendous to the recipient.

    Our temp right now is 10. Grand Canyon is -17. Unusual for us. I have heaters in an outbuilding where my cats stay and we had to wrap the valves on our propane bottles with insulation. One froze last night. Phoenix is 20 degrees below normal. Usually our night temperatures are in the low 20`s. Three more days of this. I should have covered my rosemary.

  2. Cathy, Brrrr! That is very cold weather! Wow! Your propane tank valve froze. eeek! The weather radio reported a few days ago that cold air would settle in and stick around in a mass for awhile. It's like the Yukon came here, and they are getting a thaw, or at least Ontario, Canada is. I'm sorry about your Rosemary. It might regenerate from the roots if it's hardy enough. It's a woody plant similar to a rose. I hope it comes back.

    I read on the web yesterday or day before, that a Siberian city is getting -50(which it never had at this time before I presume) and it's city gas pipes froze.

    About "Dive": if every single able person did what they could, as you do, we'd have a different world. I agree with you, what is small to us might be all the difference in the world to the recipient. It means that caring people still exist, and that also gives them hope along with the aid they receive. Hope, all the small mercies, and that inherent Kindness in giving are all three "good medicine".


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