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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A tiny Tuesday Tail about wolfie.... Bird tail, too, and some flowers. Marine's Dogs flown free by Good Samaritan

It's late but I wanted to post a sweet picture of our furball, and a cartoon that was in this sunday's paper.

Wolfie get's his Clean Plate Club star sticker.
The human paws sets belong to DH, Jimmie and Me.
One thing we found that helped a lot, besides getting Blue Buffalo foods for him, is canned Pumpkin.  And, of course, it's organic.  When he came to us he was a mass of soreness, internally and externally.  He was feral for awhile after losing whatever home he had - though it didn't seem like it was such a good one, with two broken ribs and a tail broken in two places.  Now he is a fluffy, bouncy fuzzball who goes Carazzzzy at the beach and loves to ride in the car.   

I now see that it's not unusual for pumpkin to be given to dogs

So, since we've given Wolfie canned pumpkin for several years now, I'd just like to say that it's good for him, and not just the mini poodle half of him.   Our vet suggested it.

The resident Phoebe put in an appearance tonight at dusk, and so that's why the picture is so bad, but she is so sweet that I wanted to share her.  (All wild birds are females to me unless I am absolutely sure they are males.)  I've been horse-whipped, so to speak, too many times for announcing the wrong sex in certain ubber birder groups.   So, there is my proviso.

She comes every evening and stays until dark.

She's there, through the top square of window, on the edge of the dwarf daylily enclosure.

Wild Fuchsia of Santa Cruz County.
Last but not least, here's a story that is wonderful!

Marine's Dogs, deemed too large for Commercial Flight, get help.


  1. Have you ever read about Atticus M. Finch? He is a dog who climbs mountains with his partner, Tom Ryan. Lovely story of a man and dog's relationship. Crying time.

    1. Hello! :) I had to do a search for that. No, I haven't read about Atticus but you can bet I will be snoofling up a copy of Tom Ryan's book from the Local Library. And, I'll be prepared to cry, too. Dog (pet) stories are so wonderful but the endings are usually so sad. Thanks for opening my eyes to this!

  2. I'd like to think your phoebe is the same one that nests every spring in the little porch at my front door!

    1. Oh you are making me jealous! hehe Isn't it lovely to have birds around and feeling comfortable enough to use our houses for a place to tuck a little home in for themselves? When we had trees we had more birds but never a Phoebe's nest. Lucky duck!


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