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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Komeekz - So long to the Mouse virus in CFS_ME, and Accidental Art # 40? - 27?- 32?

San Diego's Cowles Mountain, for those who live near Henry Cowles State Park
This mountain is bedrock, from a mountain range that was in the 30,000 foot range. 
It's the highest point within the city of San Diego.  I love Cowles Mountain!
 After a few days of watching the puffy clouds blowing about, I was reminded of the News angst that wasn't even on the radar, or maybe it was used as a distraction by the media as they built their Faux News War on the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Anyway, I thought this news from the "Other Coast" was very appropriate for the times.   Imagine!  What if that comet - some months ago - had hit the earth.  I guess the chatter would have been silenced for maybe a century?  It certainly would have made whole armies of people sit up and take notice as it came even closer.   The survivors, if there were any, would be pretty hard pressed to make any sense of their lives after such a large message from the Heavens.  We are after all, a "Tiny ball of rotting rock", according to Robert Frost, and Astronomers.

Aren't his sandals cute?
Let me know if you like this icy looking Accidental Art.  There is so little Accidental Art coming my way now but every once in awhile it arrives!  It's what is left of a box of tea lights that melted in an overhead storage during the two incredibly hot parts of two summers.  It's like a tiny glass sculpture but very hard to photograph.  Hope you like it.

It looks like a tiny Frosted Glass art sculpture, to be honest.

Morning light shining through.  I just can't do this justice .. 
  It's beautiful

Sideways look into the structure. 

I hope this next article stays up as a permalink: 

This is the story of Jennifer Brea, who is trying to make a documentary on CFS-ME, which she now has a diagnosis of, and which is VERY REAL but not caused, apparently by a mouse virus.   I crossed out CFS because it's just another name for  myalgic encephalomyelitis, and a derogatory one at that.

God, apparently, is the only Being in the entire Universe who knows what DOES cause it.  It's certainly NO fun at all for those of us with it!

And, just for reading this far,  here is one of the last roses of Fall from my sister's complex:

This might be Bride's Delight. 
I found the names for them Once Upon a Time.


  1. The first picture looks like Starry Night.

  2. Ah k, so it does, thank you for pointing it out. It does have the elements of texture and crystalline sparkle that is in Starry night. Good eye!

    This little thing - it's about 8 inches long by 3 or 3.5 wide, and it's truly gorgeous when the long rays of the early morning sun shine through it.


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