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William Wordsworth Longfellow

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Milagro Beanfield War

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Tails... Travelling with pets, misc, stuff amongst the detritus of my old brain...

Be Aware...

There are dogs of a different nature....
Wolfie especially doesn't like men.  I think his ribs and tail are permanent reminders of something very bad that men have done to him when he was "out there".  He looks Angelic and Innocent when begging for treats, however.

I got up early, at the crack of dawn, almost.   Almost.  It was 42 degrees outside with the sun fully shining on the Jeep, that usually means that the Jeep will be 79 degrees inside.  It was no where near that this morning.

The RV had to be smogged, old lady that it is, so I drove the "chase" car.   The Bounder is practically an antique;  if people collected such things, it classifies as "of collectable age."   It's a '90 Half Bounder, so called because it was built in '89 but was the new flat faced design, the smallest Bounder that Fleetwood ever made.  Anyway, it's perfect for us and one little dog who loves to race from the front and FLY onto the bed in the back.  Jazzie loved riding in it, and so does Wolfie.  Wolfie loves to go ANYWHERE in a motor vehicle.  Jaz was the same.  He didn't understand where his "home" went when we were on the road, but he LIKED being in the RV!  New smells, new people, the sisters, you name it, both he and Wolfie love it.

Anyway, as I was saying, we dropped the Beasty off at the station, for it's test, drove home, and we ate some breakfast and relaxed, or I did.   Some hours later, when the test was done, I drove the Jeep home again, and saw something entirely sweet and totally awesome! 

Several cars were lined up to turn left, in two lanes, and the light hadn't changed yet.  I was sitting two cars back in the inside lane.  A person with a red tipped white cane was crossing this six lane intersection, with the light, but lost her way halfway across.  She turned and spread her hands out on the hood of a car in front of the outside turning lane.  Then she put her cane straight up in the air.   I thought it was to indicate that she needed help and was about to get out and do so.

The man in front of me got out of his very tall truck, crossed in front of it to the woman, and he lead her the rest of the way across intersection.  Only a few drivers were inconsiderate enough to move in that whole wide intersection, regardless of the lights changing. 

So, for them I am posting the rules for white canes. HERE is, state by state, a listing of Laws pertaining to the right of way regarding persons using white canes, or with guide dogs, in America. 

What a wonderful man.  

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