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Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday 5: And Updated to include Five Minute Friday


Alternate Uses

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5! Please copy these questions to your webspace. Answer the questions there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!

A sticky note is supposed to be used for sticking notes temporarily to stuff. What’s a different way you’ve used a sticky note?  I use them for bookmarks, at least I did before I found a tube of repositionable glue stick from Elmer's Glue.  Now I just make bookmarks that stay PUT in my books instead of slipping out the bottom or otherwise misbehaving.

Plastic cutlery is supposed to be used for moving food from a plate to your mouth a few times before being discarded. What’s a different way you’ve used plastic cutlery?  I use the forks for the garden, because the tines make good seed packet or other note holders for pots of seeds.  I use the spoons for repotting, and the knives for cutting up succulents to repot.  I'm sure there are lots of secondary uses for these things.

Books are supposed to be for reading. What’s a different way you’ve used a book?  I've always used books for straight edges.  They make very handy straight edges when crafting on the fly.

A file folder is supposed to be used for holding and organizing important papers. What’s a different way you've used a file folder?  File folders are the perfect weight of paper for crafting.  There are approximately a million different things you can make out of them, from greeting cards to shapes for large letters on a sign, to you name it.

A shoe is an article of clothing meant for wearing on a foot. What’s a different way you’ve used a shoe?  I've used the tops of tall boots for the heavy leather.  This leather costs the EARTH to buy for making little purses and such.  Otherwise, unless you want to plant something in them - they do make nice biodegradable pots- or send the not so bad ones to the Goodwill Industries, which hands them out to the homeless, worn out shoes are good for making statements to corporations.

Friday Five Minutes:

The year that my Aunt B came to visit was when she brought my cousins along.  I hadn't seen any of them since I was five years old, and now I was a teenager.  By that time I had a small one room "house" of my own, and we stayed overnight in it.  My cousins were very nutty, and a little wild.  Happily they were all girls.  We decided that we'd talked enough about everything that had happened in the years since we'd played together as kids, they were a couple years older than I was, three and four I think.  So we were a pretty wild little bunch of teenage girls.  I told them about the peach tree that had these wonderful peaches on it, and being summer time, there were so many that they fell onto the ground.  So we mounted a posse and off we went, across the little river to get us some of those Peaches!  I told them they had to be very quiet because we didn't want to wake up my Dad, who guarded everything with his Army pistol.  So, in a full moonlit night we set off around 2 am for our raid, and we meant to garner walnuts, too.  As we crossed the river through the willow glade, and came up to the tree, we were pretty quiet.  All was going well until we got the giggles.  Hurridly we picked as many peaches as we could get into the folds of our nightgowns in front of us, and started back across the river with them.  We heard my Dad come out the door, and so we absolutely FLEW across that willow glade and floated at top speed like ghosts in the shadows.  We slipped into the little house, and got very,very quiet, and my Dad came up to the door, listening.  I knew he was out there, and told everyone to BE QUIET!  He called out to me, and in my sleepiest voice I answered that we hadn't heard anything.  Five minutes up.

Anyway, I'll tell you the rest.  Dad must have believed me because he went off, back across the river, and we could see him patrolling his workshop area and the places around where the truck and car were parked.  When we were sure he was back in the house, we just split a rib laughing into our pillows.  Then we ate those delicious peaches.

That was the most fun I've ever had with my back east cousins, until one of them visited again when we were young mothers after her mom,  my Aunt B had passed away.  I showed Cousin J.  my secret spot, down a hill and into some trees at Balboa Park.  I sure miss my cousins.


  1. What a great story. Can almost hear you and your cousins giving yourselves away with the giggling. Brings back memories of my own "California cousins" coming to visit the "kinfolk in Texas" and how much fun we cousins always had. Thank you for bringing back the memory.

  2. You're welcome for that. :-) Yes, aren't cousins just the greatest?! They are like brothers and sisters but most of the time, you aren't competing with them for anything. And they come attached to Aunts and Uncles who are like parents and sometimes are better than your own!


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