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Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Five Minutes: See. and a little Wordpress problem

First of all, I'd like to apologize to my Wordpress friends.   There is a problem with following your blogs right now that doesn't seem to have a resolution.  So, I'll pick you up again - because I love to keep up with you and your blogs are part of my life now.  Don't want to lose ya. 

I'll do this as soon as a good solution floats up out of NOwhere to me.  I have searched high and low EVERYwhere else for a solution..... so it has to come out of nowhere...*sigh*

Five Minute Friday

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See - In five minutes flat:
I used to think I knew what it was to "see".    About a quarter of my way into this life I was given a gift that I wasn't sure I wanted.  It could have been hormones from Motherhood or any of the many causes set forth by scientists who study this thing and declare it to be Woman's Intuition.  Yes, I did go back and forth on the spelling and lost 3o seconds.  Anyway, I'm sort of glad to have it (even though) now it's too late to do anything with it.  But it's an interesting ability even though it's relatively worthless.

You can't ordinarily talk much about it, people get it, and then they get nasty about it, or they don't and probably get scared that you are a nut case.  This is one sort of seeing.  Seeing in so many more colors that it sometimes hurts.

I don't think I can get five whole minutes out of this but I'm trying.  My Uncle had a sort of inkling of this when I was a child.  He said that I was the most different child he'd ever met, did I never play like a kid?  Well, I once did, until I started living with a Psycho and had to know what was just around the corner, in quotes, I was sort of normal.  two more minutes.  gad I'll never be able to say what this thing does to you.  Sometimes you think you are just a nut and sometimes you really believe that you were meant to be this way and God has a plan.

One wonder's if some of the Charismatics were this way;, you know, the ones that got burnt at the stake for heresy.  One more minute.  I belief that it is just that I had to live with a very dangerous man, and it made me hyper alert.  I don't generally miss anything when in the company of strangers or people I'm  a little bit afraid of.  I'm going to hate this and erase it!

See?  Truly, the best thing to say about SEE is that I'm so glad we have color vision.  It really makes dreams vivid.  there we are 5 minutos!

Can I make up for all of this with a nice photo about inner peace?

Psalm 55.6: "Oh for the wings of a Dove,  to fly away and make a new home in the desert."


  1. Hallo Zippy, I'm visiting from FmF. You are not still living with the psycho are you. I hope not. Then again, how can you if you 'see' everything. Weird post but cool.

  2. Welcome to you, Traveler. *waves* To answer your question, no, I have not seen Psyco Dad ( who is an atheist) since just after my mother died nearly 50 years ago. I had to see him then.. He was out of my life most of the time -practically ALL - since I was 19. About "seeing", yes, it is weird to see everything but there's no way to describe it that seems not weird. Thanks for leaving a link to your blog. I'll go visit! FmF is so much fun! I'm usually not dark, but I am political!


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