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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday Funday... Mochimochi cuties, Tort report, Skywatcher post

After Yesterday's "Five Minutes", I just wanted (needed) to be lighthearted.   I don't think I'm letting my hair that far down again, nor will I be making any more trips down Nightmare Lane anytime soon. 

This is a long strip of photos featuring MochiMochi's adorable tiny creations, knit and, I think, crochet from time to time.  Enjoy the tour...

Snowman Friends

This is the Mutts Cartoon from yesterday.  I'm making a link because it's too cute to pass up.  My sister's cat is a notable table sitter!  In fact, if a table were to be made that was only six inches square, that cat would be sitting on it.  He also tried to sit on a set of shelves on year and knocked down a plate that my sister treasured.  The cat was lucky to live, let me tell you, and EVERYTHING in the house is now glued down with museum hold.  This is smart for people with radical cats, and also for people who live in the "Quake Zone".


Skywatcher Post:  Summer 2013, by the Bay.

On a strange stormy day last summer, this cloud curled back on itself into a ring.

Tort Report:

We promised the DDs that we would let the baby torts out into the warm sun every day.  This picture was taken last summer.  But when the kids were here, they took Milagro and Dusty out every day.   Today we went to my sister's house so the torts didn't get to go outside to romp in the grass, which is considerably greener than in this snap last summer.  They are eating rose petals.

But, a tortoise of every size needs to eat dry grass, and will eat quite a bit of it if left to their own choices.  I love that they keep the "lawn", which is just Devil grass, mowed around the stones in the raised bed.  It saves having to clip it with a tool.

One other thing the torts  love to "mow" is Day Lilies, and I don't find that so amusing.  We will have to move the tiny pinks in order to keep them from being "trimmed" again this year.  They are just too beautiful to lose.  The other, bigger, day lilies are history.  They never had a chance once Poko Ono decided that they made the perfect hiding place for her eggs one year.  And then another year the other ones received her bountiful gifts for digging deep holes into root balls.

The Pinks, before they were mowed down -again- by the Torts

Good night!  It's just past midnight, and I'm rambling!  Again!  Enjoy the weekend! 

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