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Monday, February 3, 2014

Music Monday, Boyce Avenue...and Knitting report, maybe a superbowl bit of angst..

 Music Monday:   Boyce Avenue... Train-- Drops of Jupiter

kitting content  with superbowl blah blah..

I sewed the sweater sleeves in as the Superbowl played out.  Frankly, I saw little of the vaunted commercials everyone looks forward to - and which makes it bearable to sit through the time waster of a game that is one hour long but can be dragged out to three.

There were far too many awful promos for every gruesome Fox network upcoming weekly for my taste, all while the relentless stream was rushing by, carrying the Broncos chances with it.   I hate to watch football on Fox.  They cannot do a decent job of airing games properly and should not get another contract.  They reek!

This is my buried lead... I'm glad it's over.  I do wonder though if someone put something in th Bronco's Gatorade?  In these things someone has to lose, and that's competition.  But, it's become such a long season it seems cruel.  I would like this game played to help feed the starving i.e., something more humane.  After all, on this day, over 22,000 people in the world died of starvation.  Hunger Games indeed.

Have a great week.  I'll be catching up during the week to all of your blogs, and your writings on the memes!  Sweet Dreams!


  1. how true about the game yesterday and also the commercials. Usually I have a crying jag over one or two of the SB commercials - like last year's Budweiser commercial or the Volkswagon SB commercial a few years ago with Darth Vader. Beautiful day here in Santa Ana. I came down on the train Saturday to spend some time with my sister and her family (I'm counting their 3 dogs as family members). I get a dog to snuggle up with at night for the week I'll be here (no dogs allowed in the convent).

    Blessings to you and when do we get to see the finished sweater?"..........Diana

  2. Have a lovely time at your sister's house. Thanks for the blessings, too. I watched the commercials today on Yahoo again, and counted five that were amazing. Radio Shack, Puppy Love, Audi's, Cheerios, and The contermercial... I'll put it up now...


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