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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday 9, Saturday Komeekz, and Skywatcher post

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Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it HERE.
The Queries:

1) What would make tonight a good, good night?  Wolfie's eye stays open, the refrigerator mends itself, and something good to watch on Netflix.  Sorry to be so dull.

 2) In the song, he sings that he's got money and wants to "spend it up." How much cash is in your wallet right now?
 A fiver, and some ones.  I've been to Michaels you see.

 3) The lyrics include "mazel tov," which means good luck or congratulations. What other Hebrew/Yiddish phrases do you know?  I know "Kvetch", and I don't know why.  I also know "Yentl" and "Yenta" and "putz" but everyone knows  those.

4) The colorfully named Black Eyed Peas include Fergie (born Stacey Ferguson) and will.i.am (William Adams) and Taboo (Jaime Gomez). If you could choose a stage name, what would it be?  Wiggie, from my short career on stage.  I think it's sort of cute.

5) This song was crazy popular in Canada, debuting at #2 on the charts. Have you ever visited our neighbor to the north?
No, but we have always wanted to go across the whole of it.  It's a dream trip.

6) When's the last time you laughed really hard?
 Watching "Frazier"  Sadly we've run through them all now.  Before that was at the vet's when we were joking with the staff about Wolfie taking the PSATs and reading his Pmail, to study for it. 

7) Who received the last text you sent?
It's been too long to remember.  Probably hubby at the vet.

8) Which sounds like more fun -- skiing or skating?
skating.  I used to roller skate an awful lot.  I wanted to ice skate but alas, when we finally got within range of a gorgeous ice rink, I was preggers with twins!  There was no time to learn afterwards either; it was just  run,run,run from 5am to bedtime.  roller skates would have been handy!

9) Thinking of sports, are you looking forward to The Super Bowl?

    Yes, very much, and we are rooting for the Broncos!

And now for something completely different:  Skywatcher post

Stormy day Sunset at the lake 2013

 Saturday Kommeekz!  Drabble works the crossword! 

Cute, clueless Mr. Drabble.  He just bumbles through life, entertaining us with his social ineptitude.  I have to admire that sort of handicap.  It's a lot like mine!  What IS that nine letter word?  Do you know?  Usually it's a slip, or a teddy or a bra, none of which are nine letters!  Got it.  Pantyhose!


  1. Seems like there are a lot of putz's out there as well. :)

  2. heehee yes. It seems like the favorite by far. It must be a Hollywood thing. ;)

  3. My dream trip is to travel across Canadian Rockies by train.

    1. Hey there Diana_CT. I hope you get to take it, too! I think be train is the way to go. Train travel all the way to the east coast on the Canadian side, if possible, then down through New England for colors, on to the South to see the Carolinas and then back across the plains to Texas, and home through New Mexico and Colorado. I guess I'd stop in Kentucky to see the horses. I so love horses.

  4. Kvetch is a great word. Wish I'd included it in my list.

    1. Hey Gal! So, steal it! lol My crazy Aunt D would tell me to stop Kvetching, so it stuck. She was a waitress most of her life and she picked up all sorts of non-lethal ways to tell people to stop doing something obnoxious. hehe


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