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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby, It's cold outside by the Great Lakes.....

Terrible Beauty
Wendy, you can appreciate this, I am sure.  Brrrr!

Everyone:  I apologize for being so slow to return visit your blogs.  I've just finished knitting a hat that I now hate, and it's because it doesn't look right to me.  My hands are complaining about it all, telling me how ungrateful I am that they did all this work and now I don't like it.

Here it is..

This is what it looks like on my head..

Somehow, I think the villain is that models, in the fullness of youth, have SO much hair that they can expand a hat to twice it's normal size.  My dreads have long since been thinned and humbled, so they no longer have what it takes to "full" a hat.


  1. I CAN appreciate it Zip...and I think your hat is lovely.

  2. Wendy, you are most likely living THROUGH that winter scene, so I thought of you when Mr. Z sent those pics to me. And thanks about the hat. I'll just have to get used to it or maybe wear a WIG under it. Perhaps I can THRUM it? ;o)

  3. Crazy lady, it's a beautiful hat. But I understand. I always think I look like Cousin Itt or something much more disgusting in hats.
    And I'm up here by Lake Superior. This winter hasn't been as much of an adventure as some years!

  4. K, hey hey! It must be cold outside, Bebé! I'm glad that it's not as bad as other years, if the weather on-the-Ground is reporting in that it's not, tis good.

    And yes, I do think I look like cousin Itt - lard that is funny! -or perhaps, in my case, a peeled grape with a hat on when I'm wearing them. It's the hair thing, or, in my case, maybe it really is an "Incredibly Shrinking Head" phenom... Oh well, hair was nice while it lasted!


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