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Friday, January 16, 2015

Five Minute Friday:Send

When I think of the word send, being that it is a vowel, I think of all the ways that we send things, or have in the past, because we needed to communicate with others as far away as the next house or even village.   At first, we would send a little child to borrow something, or take something ourselves to a neighbor in distress.  Sometimes we would send an older child to take back an answer to a note from a neighbor, neighbor being anyone within walking distance, or within the distance of a horse ride in a day.

We sent armies into battle if we were rulers.  We send messages on the wing, once we tamed pigeons, but most of what is sent or that we send is or was portable.  Then came the wagon loads of goods sent from one town to another, or the fields to the towns or from ships docked to the inland towns.  When I watch movies that are about historical times I'm always amazed at how hard it was to get good from one place to another and how much labor was involved in doing it.  What if this system breaks down?  We are going to have to remember those old methods again, aren't we?

Then there is the admonition from the Lord.  "Go where I send thee."  I'm content in knowing that, too.  I am willing, and always have been to Go where I send thee".  As to the modern "Bloom where you are planted", no matter that I might grumble a bit about the last part, I'd rather bloom where there is a lot more water, please.  That's about it!

I fear this was too misleading about what I considered scripture, so I edited to make sure the second saying was not included in the first sentence but set aside.  


  1. Hello!
    Visiting from five minute friday...

    Enjoyed your lovely post and the reminder of the different ways in which this particular word can be used. I especially resonated with the last paragraph, to not only go where God sends, but to BLOOM where you are planted. I'm still learning that important truth and striving to live a life full of joy and with love spilling over into the lives of others.

    PS ~ your blog makes me miss my momma (she lives 7 hours away) who is always knitting something fabulous! Looks like you have quite a few projects in progress.


  2. Hi, Liz, and thanks for the visit. I'll be along soon to read the rest of the FMF posts. They are so interesting! I'm not really good at blooming where I'm planted. I want to travel full time but things have just got in the way.

    Say, you are the child of a knitter and you don't knit?. And yes, isn't it hard to be so far from someone you want to share more of your life with? Basically that, and a noisy city is why I'm not blooming well, lol! Thank heaven for texting!

    1. I never had the same affinity for knitting as my mom (don't hate, me but I prefer crocheting)...or any of my other sisters for that matter. I tried, really I did, but it just frustrates me and sitting still is hard.

      Thank goodness for technology -- texting, email, and skype are the best when you are far from home! Fortunately, I live near the mountains so my family wants to come visit me often and I have one sister who just moved here this summer. :)

      Praying for you as you settle into life where you are right now!


    2. Oh Liz, Crochet is beautiful, and I also crochet. I know you tried your best to learn to knit. I have a couple of daughters who tried and actually made a couple of things in knitting, but it isn't their thing. One daughter only crochets and makes gorgeous things! I was kidding and should have emoted to let you know it.

      I'm so happy that you've got a sister close by now, and that you can keep in touch readily with the rest of your family. It really does make a difference, these new technologies. Yay for texting, skype and emails with pictures! Now we have phones that send pictures too. This is ALL good. :-) Thank you for your prayers, and I will pray for you as well. Be safe and Happy... Hugs!


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