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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday....

I am thankful for the Memories of Tiny Joys!

The incredibly small fiddler crab that crawled under the arch of my foot to hide from me, one day in the surf.  Adorable little charmer!
Source is Rebecca's lovely blog

All the teensy belly flowers!

DH holding some flowers, seeds and the plant
called Blue Eyed Grass.  After a few years these amazing, tiny plants had disappeared from the lawns at the rec center.
I think it was an herbicide that is sometimes used on vast lawns.

HERE is a link to Wildflower conservation page with more tiny flowering plants.  It's a lovely page.

Holding 3oz baby Holland Lop rabbit kits in my hands just after they were born.

More and more and more tiny rabbits!

The two month old tortoise baby eating dandelions.   They were even smaller when they were hatched -think half a Walnut shell - tiny.

More and more and MORE tiny torts, and a few horse toys for some reason!

The tiny Toad babies we found, in their hundreds, on a walk near the banks of the Klamath river one spring.

Newly hatched, very tiny, and just banded Snowy Plover chicks in Central Coast.

Brand new baby African Violet growing on Mother Leaf.


Have fun remembering your favorites, and in finding new tiny joys!


  1. I love this. We have loads of those tiny frogs around my house in the summer.

  2. Hi Paula. Are your frogs called Peepers? I remember one year that there were so many of them around the reservoir near were we used to live that it was deafening at the park on summer nights.

    Now t I feel blessed to see or hear any in this city. We still have toads because I caught one last Fall trying to to get through the dog fence. When we moved here there were tree frogs! Anyway, I held the adult toad for awhile and then let him go in a safe place. I love,LOVE them all.


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