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Thursday, January 29, 2015

The cold that acts like flu, no I'm not thankful for that.

We were vaccinated for all the proper things and at the proper times, but Mr. Z was waylaid by a virus that also took down his two sisters.  It is extremely fast moving and it is nasty.

I've taken over all duties, and my only wish is that I wish people would stay home when they are sick. The three kids took care of their mother for two weeks in a hospital teeming with some pretty nasty stuff, but this came in from the direction of "law enforcement".  Gah!  Her children were there for every meal and fed her until she could eat on her own.

I am thankful that she is better and back where she needs to be, and.....I'm thankful that it's a short virus but beware: it can turn nasty so a word of warning in your shell like ears...

Please If you get this, and a lot of people are, do not ignore getting enough rest.  If it goes into your chest, don't let it stay there too long without seeing a doctor, unless you are getting gradually better day by day.  We don't want anyone dying an untimely death due to sneaky pneumonia, the likes of which killed the Muppet King, Jim Henson.

That's all she wrote!  See you asap.


  1. I hope that everyone is well soon. The flu has been nasty in my neck of the woods too. So far all have been healthy at my house!

  2. Thank you Paula for the good wishes. So far the doctors are calling this a nasty cold going around. It's nasty alright. Wellness and Cold EZE are keeping me skating the edges, and DH is on the mend. It's taken down three other family members who were all taking turns at the hospital. It is a cold but a tough little booger! Hope this and any flu strain keeps you off it's "menu"! Many wishes for Good health at your house!

  3. Yes, one of my biggest pet peeves are people who don't stay home when they are sick. I see them out at the grocery store and at work. Sheesh. Hope everyone gets well soon and stays that way.

  4. Let me rephrase this:

    Thank you. We are almost there but this thing is so much more like a flu than a cold. This is one reason we need sick leave for all workers, particularly in the food industry but others as well.


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