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Friday, February 6, 2015

Five Minute Friday

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The word this week is:


I'm at a time of my life that I will keep much less than I give away or re-cycle.  I will keep memories, and images of the big days of craft in my life but I'm not going to be able to keep even half the fabric I have squirreled away.  The yarn and fabric have homes, and some of it will even be made into clothing for me.  I don't sew for others anymore.

I keep a light heart about this all.  And keeping a sense of humor about not being wrapped in all the fabric on my pyre also helps.  There will be me and ONE dress, and it will probably be bought!

I want to keep the skills but thos are slipping away.  I think of keeping tiny pinstripped seersucker for boy doll clothes.  Yes, I might keep things to make dolls with.  I can't stop thinking about if I get rid of one thing that I should keep, will I make the doll that is planned,

I think more than anything now, to keep is to not share this amazing collection of fabric bits and pieces.  Keeping is not half as important as sharing.  I'd rather share it all.  done


  1. Truth: "Keeping is not half as important as sharing."

    Last year was my year to Let Go... it was difficult but when I realized I accomplished it, I was overwhelmed with peace.

    Linking up via FMF!

  2. Ah! Peace! That is EXACTLY what it will feel like to gift everything I don't need to the Good Will or the Sewing Co-op. It's like a lead weight off the heart to do it. Thank you for sharing your experience in this area, Liz. Blessings! Have a great weekend!


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