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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's Tuesday anyway.....sort of a major chin wag

This is mostly about quilting and knitting and re-organizing.  There are also Bit of Garden, bit of ceramics blah blah, too, and a little Wolfie chats as well.....I'm hoping you will be thrilled to read about all of it.  

The Garden!  

Our Dark variety of Aeonium is blooming for the first time ever!
These sweeties finally leaned over and made it into the ground
So, they have rewarded us with a flower spike!
It's not as pretty as a neighbor's is but I also don't fertilize this plant.
 I have to put the green variety in the ground now, too!  And get more varieties!
Yesssss! Love em!  I want them all over that hill back there!

The freeway verges are all sporting lots and LOTS of drought tolerant plantings, and succulents are leading the pack.  Oh, the alloes in the front yard are blooming too, and the teeny cacti, also.  You've seen all of them though.

The Wolfie report! 

Terribly under exposed photo but he is happy with no flash.
He did get a bit of the Green, but Monkeys? 
 He went to the groomer's today, and I was hoping for a bit of the green on his neckerchief for the triangles quilt- which we got.  Having saved all of Jazzie's ties, which are smaller, I started right away saving the ones from Wolfie.  You only get twelve a year.  Jazzie's ties are tiny but by adding a co-coordinating strip of quilting solids, I can make them the same size.

The DNA Report:

I've been so very tired these last few days.  And the knee hurts, the metal one.  It's also taken to clicking.  My brother told me this might happen.  It may or may not be the barefoot stuff, though I fear that the "back to nature foot movement" isn't going to work for me!  Having now read numerous pages, I now know that the knee can just click all it wants as long as it's intermittent.  Five year check coming up.

Having said this, as most of you know, most little old ladies don't do well unshod, and nothing less than hiking boots or at least running shoes works to keep the knee properly aligned.  So, I guess it's "Goodbye Toes and Hello running shoes"!  Sorry Elle!  but the rest of my DNA is rejoicing over getting moved a lot more than it has been since all the 2014 medical DRAMA!  Hmmm.. I wonder if that's why I'm tired?  lol

Knitting report on the Pink Sweater:  

Today, I wanted to get the right size Addi Turbo for the sweater. Well, scratch that because the store that carries them is Gone With the Wind!  The Now modified plan is to use Bates Velocity .....

to knit the two fronts separately; then I'll knit the sleeves, separately, and in the round on some 16 inch hat needles.  I hope this works out!  The sweater was started at least three years ago, in 2012.  My poor, patient DD1 has been waiting that long for her nice sweater.  I just hope she still likes the color and the pattern!


The cutting table is halfway clear!  Toss! Toss! Toss!

See the little Hexagonal Box?  Sis and I made these one year

My next victims of eviction are the extraneous shop equipment for heavy duty lost wax mold casting. (Out! Out! Out!)  and then, after that, all the blasted ceramic magazines!  I'm so over ceramics except, that is, for plant pot creation. I'll fire those twice a year, make a lot of them, and maybe sell some or maybe not, but at the very least make enough for me and the kids.  I can use up the engobes and glazes that way.  And, it's just brilliant fun!

So, I hope that you are set on enjoying your life and not letting anything that is short of a death or bombs falling overhead to change you.   Keep the Faith Baby!  Craft ON!


  1. It's nice to see green somewhere. Not here yet, and clearly won't be for some time. My knees are holding up after many years of abuse but my feet are no longer very happy unless I am wearing some kind of shoes. It's crocs in the house for me. I guess if you live long enough things start giving out on you. Enjoy your spring!

    1. Hi ellen. And thank you, I am enjoying it. Oh, yes indeed things do give out on you as the years pile on.
      Hope your Spring and Summer are perfect rather than monstrous or even curtailed by the unspeakable climate changes. Enjoy Spring when it comes your way!

      Crocs are great if they are wide enough. Some of them are very narrow now. The trusty neon greens are still wearable.


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