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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday Music, on a Tuesday.... "Wide Open Arms"... Marc Scibilia + Tuesday Tails...

Kudos to SuziQz  (with many smiles) for a beautiful love song for all you Valentine's lovers who share a work a day world....

Enjoy this beautiful song.....

Tuesday Tails...

The birds are nesting!  The doves are back, and the House Wren,
IMAGE Source
the beautiful Golden Headed one, is singing from the tip top of the Cape Honeysuckle.  I put out pieces of yarn for them yesterday.  The birds I've seen in my garden have all had full golden heads.

Be sure to read the explanation of why this color arises in House Finch.  Though, I have seen only three or four birds of this color, they have all been on the Pacific Flyway.  That's about as West as it gets.   They have come to feed on the ground in the rose bed when we had Jemima, our Peking Duck, and there is one here, off and on, this Spring.  I'll try to get a decent picture of it.

Adult Torts will be out as soon as the last frost date at the end of February.  Tiny torts are still eating and sleeping under their grow lights and their warming lamp.  All is well.

Wolfie is slowing down a little, not quite so manic.  He's still a love bug and wants to cuddle up, or maybe to sleep in Mr. Z's lap while the Mr. does crossword puzzles or shares a nap in the evening with his "son" in his lap.
Wolfie sneaks a peek at that dratted camera

Organizing report, with a wee homeless rant:

I have three bags that are ready to go out to the Goodwill, and now I'm into the recycled corduroys.

 I'm trying to remember (within my manic self)  that I'm making three, and only 3, ugly quilts. I'll make another semi ugly one for me to keep.  The one I'm keeping can have street value, because it won't get stolen.  Isn't it a shame that an ugly quilt could get stolen?  But, that is the  truth of life on the streets.
Begin rant:
If ever I had a wish granted, it would be that, in this rich country, enough people cared that people were going hungry and living on the streets in every corner of the lower 48 to END that disparity and disgrace.
end rant.

I'm going to go do a little more work.  Then hopefully I will have the time to come back and do some Blog overdue visits and also answer comments.  Thank you for your patience, dear readers.

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