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William Wordsworth Longfellow

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Milagro Beanfield War

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Art and Wednesday chinwag with Sis.

I am thankful for Art, artists, and especially Oil Painters.  This man, William Turner, is one of my all time favorites.

These pictures were from a search of his name, and I would list the pages but they are commercial sites which are selling reproductions.  I "prettied" them up with Picasa.

"The Fighting 'Téméraire' tugged to her last Berth to be broken up."

"Peace - Burial at Sea 1842"

Turner set the stage for Impressionism.  I think he was amazing.  To paint these things from memory is phenomenal.

Pink Alert!  Girl Talk!  You know, Valentines, flowers, Memoirs from the Mater, etc.

Yesterday, Sis and I had a nice chinwag, and I was able to peruse her magazines for next year's Valentine's Day papercrafts.  And I related how the kindly Mr. Z dug all the pink "popcorn" back out of the re-cycle, as I had actually meant to save it for crafting.  It's too pretty a color to not be glorified in some way on a pink crochet thread - Perle cotton maybe - with some small crocheted hearts (like the ones from Garn Studios but Pink) and some paper ones from Sis's Romantic Homes mags.  I must wait to do this.  There has to be other ways to glam it up, though, so this is a summer project.

Sis also gave me some keepsakes from our grandmother and mother -dried rose petals from Mother's garden, for instance, which still have a lovely fragrance.  She also gave me back Grandmother's eyeglasses that I'd given her some time back.

As to the Rose petals, don't ask me how this scent can still be there after 30 or more years but the petals really do still have a sweet, rosy fragrance.   Sis and I talked about Mother a little, and choking up for a bit over things that we both remember about our mother's troubled life with "Paternal Unit".

And, February posts wouldn't be complete without a recent picture of a Carolina Cherry tree, the tree that is, for Southern Californians, the  Harbinger of Spring.

Taken at  a local parking lot on February 12th of this year.
 And, the roses at my Sister's complex were all blooming beautifully, so I took a snap to share of the Pink one, I forget what the name is but it should be Bride's Delight.  It's a hybrid Tea Rose, the Gorgeous thing!

Dive in!

Enjoy the Days of your Life!  Each and every one of them is special!

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