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Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Minute Friday......And also, friday5! Two Memes!

Five Minute Friday: the prompt word this week is "Plan". The link-up button is in the side bar for Kate's Blog where the fine print is. Just kidding, it's large and not onerous.

I tell you, you'll like it because it's fun. You'll have a good time and writing flat out for five minutes, not worrying too much about anything but getting your thoughts down, and in that surprisingly short amount of time.

So!Come Join us, in the race against time, and though many do write in a religious vein,many do not. We are very, well, "freeform"! And, there is much thoughtful writing going on here.


I no longer plan out whole days, and use sort of a wish list, that I'll plan and write down at night.  It seems wisest, and believe me, when three or four of the things on that list are fulfilled anywhere within two days time it's counted as a victory in the eyes of my soul.  The Master Plan for achievement is something almost every hard driving little American is introduced to first at home and then in the school system.  We have planned out our life well before the teen years, when we are hit with the BIG master plan of life that comes in the form of massive injections of hormones, which then take over our brains and have their own plan.  So, it's a fight to the line drawn in the sand between our brains and our bodies, as each makes plans for our future.  Well, I'm out of time in twenty seconds!  This was fun and I never expected it to go where it has... Stream of Consciousness rules! Done!

The friday5.........................................

Friday 5 for March 13: But Seriously…

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Friday 5! Please copy these questions to your webspace. Answer the questions there; then leave a comment below so we’ll all know where to check out your responses. Please don’t forget to link us from your website!

1. What’s something most people just don’t take seriously enough?  Remembering to take at least some of the day to Live in The Moment.  It's the ONLY way to stay sane in a fast paced, information inundated world full of enough woe to drown the soul in sorrow.

2. What’s something most people take too seriously?  Most people?  I'm not sure.  But far too many of us take ourselves too seriously.  We probably need to draw back and try to focus on just a few things that give us joy, and joy consistently.  This doesn't mean we can't fight like the devil for causes we know are close to too late to save, but we can at least live to fight another day.

3. What kind of serious business are you up to today?  I'm retired and thefirst order of serious business I face today is training my dragon.  Actually, I've just finished trained two.  :-)

Now, the really serious business to face in the coming days is to transfer this leaning tower of heavy reading:

And to do that before it falls on me and breaks one of my legs if not both.

4. When did you last get the giggles at a time when you were expected to be serious?  It was in church.  A seriously famous singer came to our little church to sing church canticles, and she, unfortunately, hit all my sister's and my buttons.  We couldn't stop but were so ashamed!  I thought our pastor would have a cat trying not to laugh because we got the giggles.

5. What are some foods you think of as serious, and what are some you think of as funny?  Serious food, hmmm.  That would have to be Something like Beef Wellington, which I've made and really loved it.  Tacos for funny food I guess because Mr. Z and Elle and Bee would have taco eating contests when I made them for dinner.  Dozens, I tell you....

Thanks for participating, and have a seriously lovely weekend!


  1. Lovely stream of consciousness. You're so right. I used to plan so much, I gave myself headaches. And reality never shaped itself to my plan. Finally, I think I gave up planning for Lent one year and by Easter, had forgotten all about it. Now, if I buy most of the items on my grocery list, I'm happy.

    Visiting from 5 Minute Friday,

  2. Hello Drusilla, and welcome to my cyper home. Oh, yes, they don't call those things Stress Headaches for no reason. What a good thing to give up for Lent! All the stress of being on a weekly treadmill of, mostly, our own making.

    I ran from the time my feet hit the floor until I went to bed at night. Also, I went to night school for about four years to learn the art of silver craft, and tried to grab and art degree. My family was wonderful but it was horribly hard. I sort of quit when I just couldn't move anymore. lol

  3. Thanks for sharing this fun post today.....seriously, we are all far to serious.

  4. Seriously, we certainly ARE! Lol! Thanks for commenting, and I love how you play with words.


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