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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Love, Hate, Sing, Cry, Regret; it's a regular Italian Opera! Sunday Stealing.

March 21, 2015

The I Meme

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The I Meme

Stolen from: The Archives

I am... therefore I blog.

I want...to learn how to fly, and to have wings like a bird.  Not a Sparrow, mind you, but like a Bateluer Eagle.
Picture Source
Ah, for the wings of a dove, to fly away into the desert and make a new home.
or maybe this one:

I have... watched a Sora stalk silently through the reeds of the now non-existent (if the web can be believed) Guayome Slough with Fern Tainter.

I wish... I'd done a whole lot more bird watching before my creaking knees could alert birds to my presence anywhere near thirty yards of them.

I hate... lies but not lies that save lives, I mean think this is one time, and the only time, to lie.

I fear... almost nothing.

I hear... very well for my age, when something in this old brain isn't pressing on a nerve - the last nerve, presumably!

I search... but do not find the few things that I have put away for safe keeping.  That doesn't include the Lagoon though.  It was probably drained or combined into another lagoon so the North County real estate brokers could sell off lots along the edge for very big bucks; no, these are small things that old women, and even some rather young ones, hide and then can't find again for love nor money.  

I wonder... Where that darling swampy lagoon went?  Did they just attach cables to it, and pull it out of the way?  The only Sora I've ever seen lived there, let them who have done it just rot in hell!

I regret... Not being more militant over lots of things, now all I can do is blog.  Militancy is much more active and burns more calories, so I can actually eat more chocolate when being so.  

I love...the quiet places.  No jets overhead.  Those places are a million miles out in Montana.

I never... got to learn how to ice skate.

I ache... to be able to have a Jacuzzi to sit in that actually worked again.  Old Bones, you know.

I always... remember to pray for the happiness of all beings.

I usually...need to go to sleep!

I am not... going to answer the rest, and just go get some sleep.  Ok?.

I dance... whenever I get the chance to.  I love just doing ballet moves here and there through the house.  Yes, Yuo can, too.  No one is going to see you and it's fun.  Don't be shy.

I sing...no more.  My voice control is now very bad.

I sometimes... wish it wasn't so, but it is.    

I cry... when I'm frustrated with life and the way people trear each other or the animals..

I am not always... serious, and see the funny side of most things.  My sister, brother and I have always been able to carry off amazingly funny skit like performances.  We have fun that way when we are together.  It's usually satirical and political.

I lose... patience with my self a lot more than when I was younger.  I'm practically cussing out my hands on a daily basis.

I am confused...  about why I'm now afraid of the police. 

I need... Peace in my life in so many ways.  I quit listening to the news a long time ago and don't read a daily paper.  I think I'm calmer now.  

I should... go to sleep now and visit all your blogs tomorrow.

Have a happy Sunday!


  1. I hope you got some sleep. I had a sleepless night, too. Boo, hiss on insomnia!

    1. And I thank you for that. I hate not being able to sleep. I hope you are getting some decent sleep, snoozing away as this entry goes up!

  2. Your eagle answer reminds me that I saw something about a webcam feature a mom and dad eagle who were expecting any moment. I have to go find that cam and check it out.

    1. Hope you found the web cam. Think I'll go looking for it, too! Did you watch the Owlets from Estonia that one year? They were so darling!

  3. I love your answer about being militant to burn calories to eat more chocolate! Genius!

    1. Well, needs must! And the chocolate will keep you awake on the picket lines and mob scenes. But then I guess the flash bombs, tear gas, clubs, mace and Mounted Police would do that, too. How things have changed. Whose country is this anyway? I wish the millionaires would get really p o'd about something and take to the streets instead of hiring out the help. Damn them.

  4. I fell asleep in the middle of my post . you go girl!

    1. Awww You must have been way more tired than I was. Hope you got some sleep!

  5. I didn't get much sleep last night either hope you get some good sleep. Love your answers have a great evening.

    1. Thank you, and I hope you get some quality sleep in! But I'm still not sleeping really well. It's time for the "BIG guns", I guess... the Ambien. Lol! Mantras don't always do it.

  6. I watch a Sora all the time. That's my granddaughter's name. :)

    1. What a lovely name! :-) Very sweet! Have you shown her the avian Sora?

  7. I absolutely adore figure skating and always meant to learn it somewhere along life's road. My twin learned to roller-blade in her 30's but ten odd years later might be too late for me now!

    I can be a patience dodger, too! I'd never survive in my house (only female) without the odd swear word.

  8. Hi Helena, figure skating is one of the most beautiful things to watch and my imagination tells me that to being able to do it really well must feel just like flying. Ah, in another life. I hear you about being the only female in a household. It could feel like being pecked to the edge of endurance by seagulls or something. Ouch! Have a great weekend, and I hope you get some quiet time, too.


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