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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Komeekz, water and droughts. And, introducing the newest baby tort.

Yesterday being the First Day of Spring, and all, it makes me think of celebrating- thus the cartoon. First day of Spring, isn't that the day when all that snowing in the Midwest turns into all that raining, unless your state is in drought.

In that event, it means that IF the Spring rains don't turn into Miracle March or something soon, in dear old SoCal, there is another record year of dead plants unless you don't stay home, where you belong after all, and hand water everything with a bucket and a cup.

Mr. Z has harvested well over 300 gallons of rain water, some of which has already been used.  But I wish that I could have prevailed, several years ago in the drought, for the purchase of a cistern in which to store 1000 gallons of water off the gutters - "And, where would we put such a thing?"

If I had done so, it's more likely that the Rain Devil would have laughed himself sick and just poured rain water on our city  reservoirs in abundance.  Well, enough to drop the price of acre feet to an mind boggling fifty cents a dozen, and thereby making the paying for such a "mighty cistern" stretch out, from a little over five years, to amortizing it out to the middle of the Century, eh?

Isn't that what Rain Devil's are for?  Are not they in the business of making fools of mere mortals like me?

Happy Spring!
I'm still waiting for the Buddleias.

This is what I'm after.  This sign.

It's this goal that keeps me ticking over....  We've been eligible for years and years but now we should have the sign, I reckon.

Newest Baby Tort:
I suppose this qualifies us for the place to raise young.
Well, there's the doves, Jays, and Towhees, too.
For size comparison.  "She's" about 6 months old.

This little squirt spent the whole winter on it's own.  Mr. Z. found her/him tucked up tight against something under the small deck.  I wonder how many others there are out there in the tall grass.  We haven't named it yet but I remember Button.  I wonder if it's safe to name him/her Button?  She/he is brown eyed.


  1. 6 mos. Holy Cow talk about slow growing!!

  2. Yes, and because they are so tiny, they are very edible. We can't find her/him now but, hopefully, the little rascal probably just escaped the cage by going sideways through the wire. I blame DH.


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