~~ "The Heart Hath it's Own Memory" ~~
William Wordsworth Longfellow

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Test Three

Ok.  This is the "Wordless" I was going to post.  But I had to remove it to test my theory!

Let's see how Google handles this post since I've now removed  the button and the linkie, to Wordless Wednesday and the picture I was going to post.

I'm so sorry that these maneuvers cannot be done without a publish.  Please bear with me.

I removed the picture to see if Google+ plugs something else in...

Yes, it plugged another side bar linked button in.  But, it's easily gotten around if I choose "share" because it shows what it will share and you can remove the offending little glitch before Google+ snaps it up.  What a pain, but then it's small.  

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