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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tuesday tails... Mother Dove on nest under the shade patio; the tort report; Sweet Wolfie; Knitting Report UPDATED; Seahorse that imitates seaweed.

Mother Dove, this morning...

The big torts are soaked* and have been let loose in the garden.  These pictures are from summer before last summer... Last summer the snaps are from in front of the garage and not nearly as interesting, artistically.  You know, all cement and cement colored shells.  Very DULL!  Their noted weights are from right after hibernation last week.

* this means that they get put into trays of warmish water, and let drink as much as they like.  They absorb water through their skins at the same time that they drink.  This operation in Tortoise care takes the place of coming out of burrows in the desert in Spring and all piling into big puddles that form when a cloud bursts.

Lucky weighs 9 and a half Pounds
but this little boy, a 23 year old from October 1991, is growing very fast.  He will easily be bigger than his Dad or Mother.  Yes, I finally did the math.

Sweet, Old Brown-eyed Churchy
weighing in at 9 and 7/8th Pounds
approximately 65 years old, give or take

Poko Ono - weight: 10 and 7/8ths Pounds
approximately 56 years old.  She was approx. 23 years old
when we got her from Project Wildlife.  

Baby Torts!

This February.  No weight yet.  I'll weigh them and plug it in.
They are too small to hibernate so we feed them all winter.  They are now out in their little cage in the garden, if they haven't dug out.  We may find other babies out there because a neighbor now has one that came through to HIS garden from ours.
Last but not least, the Wolfie report:

Wolfie has re-learned to whine when he wants anything, and if ignored long enough, he does a tiny growl.  Jazzie did this little growl, too.  I'm not sure how dogs learn this but they certainly do!
HERE IS A PAGE from the Daily Pup that explains what it all means.

I think this sweet, little dog was very suppressed when we got him.  He absolutely did not bark or growl for two weeks - until Halloween - two weeks after he came to our home.  At the pound, the only sound we heard from him at all, was a tiny whine when he looked at the door to the rear of his cage, as if to say, "Please rescue me from these people."  We were offering him treats of dog food and trying to coax him to the wire fence.

At the time, we were alone in the room full of cages, just outside the enclosure where he was being kept, and he obviously wanted someone to come through that door and save him.  This made me think that whomever had previously had possession of his little Self had him de-barked, or taught him not to bark.
Adorable Wolfie, Santa Cruz, 2012

Updated Knitting Report:  Though I thought the left front was finished, it isn't.  I have to decrease for the arm syce.  When it's fully done (!!!!) I'll do a snap.  I'll be casting on for the Right Front tonight tomorrow morning; then there will be a test run of a sleeve, in the round, on hat needles.  Everything depends on what my hands can stand.

A Seahorse at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Little Tricksters
Have a great Evening!

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