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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday: teensy rant about glass ceilings, and knitting report.

What?  You didn't think rants could co-exist with Thankfulness?

I'm grateful, today, for Being Alive and in a country where men, on the whole, seem kinder.  A country where women are respected and treated almost as equals.  This being so even though women don't make the money men make nor do women ever seem to be able to break through the glass ceiling without a bazooka and a whole infantry at their disposal.

In other words, they have to act like men.  I guess we should be glad we don't HAVE to wear pant suits now to work over the level of middle management?

Believe me, with four daughters, I feel these insults keenly.

Let's count this as a TWO Minute Friday post as well as a rant, the key words (plurality of nuisance) are Respect, and true Equality.

I cut out and sewed the new filter for the veggie scrap bin for composting.  Yayme!  I've got the knitting out and will now go and knit a little.  Maybe I'll even cast on a sleeve, having decided to knit them in the round to avoid anymore hand sewing than is absolutely necessary.

Saints preserve us, she's committing to sleeves!


  1. I was lucky enough to get equal pay in my male predominant job as I was union protected. Unfortunately our new governor has done away with the unions and made our state a "right to work" state which takes away the protections that I enjoyed during my career.

  2. I am sorry to hear that has happened yet again. The Almighty Dollars want to be ALL together in the hands of ONE supreme Mooley Mooga, and God help anyone that stands in the way!

    Right to Work is Union Busting, and we needed the Unions to make sure we didn't get kicked to the curb, which is exactly what started to happen. It's a wonder there is a Middle Class left, to be honest. This brings back the ugly time of Ronald Reagan, a B movie actor who may have mistaken his elected role as Governor as being a Western slated for the Big Screen. Similar to this was the "Governater", who also stepped down hard on the necks of the working class ala his many movie roles. I'm sick of all their ilk at this point.


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