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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Stealing.... A boat load of true lies... You're It!

You all know about the side bar button but you can teleport using this LINKIE, too.  Sorry I'm a bit late to the party.. but here goes ...

RaNdOm Meme

If there are typos, I'm sort of on a deadline here!  Gah!  I'll correct them later!

Stolen from: Lots of Questions

1. If you were to attend a costume party tonight, what or whom would you go as? 
A gumball machine.  The most clever homemade costume I've ever seen.

2. What are your choice of toppings on a hamburger? 
If I could still eat them, I'd like everything, please.

3. You are chosen to have lunch with the President. The condition is you only get to ask one question. What do you ask? 
How can we stop the junk food industry from feeding our kids their lunch junk?

4. It’s your first day of vacation, what are you doing? 
I'm traveling across the desert to see some friends in Texas.

5. What is your concession stand must-have at the movies? 
The only thing I'd want is popcorn.

6. Which do you dislike most: pop-up ads or spam email? 
Dislike?  Can't we just HATE them both?

7. What do you think Captain Hook’s name was before he had a hook for a hand? 
Actually Captain Hook is a pirate BECAUSE he lost that hand.  He used to be a Privateer for Queen Elizabeth, according to the myths.

8. Rock, paper, or scissors? 
Do I like them or covet them or want to be which one?  What happens when you like them all?  Rocks are just the greatest thing in the world of design if you ask me.  They come in such a variety and so many colors!  Paper, is next, especially hand made, and then Scissors, for which I have a fetish.  I own just about every kind of scissor on the market.

9. Let's say a brick fell on your foot, and your kid is standing right next to you, what is your 'cleaned up’ swear word? 
It's still unprintable because it is a German word.  And it has nothing to do with dogpiles or things of that nature.

10. Which is worse, being in a place that is too loud, or too quiet? 
Too Loud.  I HATE Loud!  Pardon me for SHOUTING!

11. What is one quality that you really appreciate in a person? 
Loving Kindness to all creatures great and small.

12. At the good old general store, what particular kind of candy would you expect to be in the big jar at the counter? 
Jaw Breakers

13. What is the most distinguishing landmark in your city? 
Aha!  You want another picture of the big bronze Horse and Rider in Balboa Park, don't you!  Well, I'm not going to do it.  I will give you the Brigantine in the harbor.  The Star of India.

14. Everyone hears discussions that they consider boring. What topic can put you to sleep quicker than any other? 
The only thing that puts me to sleep is whatever I'm watching on Netflix around 3pm.

15. How many times did it take you to pass your drivers test? 
Do you mean the first one where you drive?  Once.   I was 15 and SO ready for that freedom card.  I started driving when I was 13, in the riverbed.  Lovely place to learn.

16. If you had to have the same topping on your vanilla ice cream for the rest of your life, what topping would you choose? 
Plain old vanilla?  I'd pick Caramel..

17. What food item would need to be removed from the market altogether in order for you to live a healthier, longer life? 
High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sugar.  Katie Couric helped to try to do this, and look what "they" did to her.  Those dudes are dangerous I tell you.  Just ask the Senators and the Presidents who tried, too.  I'm  sure they don't care about me, but then, who does?  hahahaha

18. You are offered an envelope that you know contains $50. You are then told that you may either keep it or exchange it for another envelope that may contain $500 or may be empty. Do you keep the first envelope, or do you take your chances with the second? 
I would just take the money and run to Michaels or JoAnn's with it.  Or maybe I'd buy some new sandals at Kole's.. Hmmm?

19. If you had to choose, which would you give up: cable TV, or DSL/cable internet? 
No Contest!  Cable TV!

20. What is your highest level of education? 
3 years of a four year degree.  And look what it got me?  It's 11:25pm  and I'm here, answering some questions I'm sure I've seen before...

Hmmmm...*narrows eyes*

21. How much is a gallon of gas in your city? What was the highest it’s been? 
I really do not know.  Prices must be in the stratosphere by now...

22. What kind of lunch box did you have as a kid? 
I wish!
I had the little brown baggie kind.  My kid sister is the first one to have an actual lunch box, the spoiled brat. Just kidding Sis!

23. What would you rather have, a nanny, a housekeeper, a cook, or a chauffeur? 
Oh, Lord, if only I could have a hand with the housework I would be in seventh heaven.  Does that housekeeper come with a couple of maids attached?  Housekeepers like American ones or like this one?
"I'll serve you Sherry
but I will not clean the commode, Madam!"

24. Would you rather be trapped in an elevator, or stuck in traffic?
Give me traffic any day.  I'm used to it.  Not Elevators as I don't even like them all that much.
Let me outta Here!

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