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Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday5, the first five bonus questions for now. More later if friday5 goes up.

This is a very long running meme, and one that is always interesting and fun to do.  So thank you to the question master!  Thank you for staying in this game so long.  Big Kudos!

Five Bonus questions:

What did you dissect in high school?
Not having to take Biology, I never had to dissect anything.  In fact, since I'd been raised on a farm, I had already had to kill and dissect chickens in probably their dozens. because we had to eat them.  I wouldn't see the sense in dissecting something that wasn't going to be on the dinner plate.  That's even more cruel.
Oh No, Oh Lord no!

In what non-bathroom places have you relieved yourself?
Odd question, but pertinent to a life in the wilds. The places are, in the woods, behind bushes, and out under starry skies.  I've camped out from the time I was a member of the Brownies, though I'm not sure any of these events occurred whilst a Brownie or a Girl Scout.  These events took place during trips to the desert with family members as a preteen through teens.  

If you’re a neat person, what’s something you’re messy about? If you’re a messy person, what’s something you’re neat about?
I was always a neat and orderly sort of person, but crafting just eats up one's life, especially if one did it as a business.   I've never had a neat house since starting that business.  Imagine trying to run a home business that should take all the room in a four car garage but there is only a small three bedroom house in the way on the lot.  It gets very messy.
This one's more messy than mine.  Yay Me!

What did you like best about high school geometry (the subject, not the teacher, classmates, or whatever)?
I know that this has come up before elsewhere, so I'll answer in defense of the subject.  
Geometry is the only Math that EVER made any sense to me.  I was terrified of having to take Geometry because Algebra was, well, total GREEK to me.  I struggled mightily with Algebra.  But, I ended up loving everything SINGLE thing about Geometry.  I loved my Teachers, one was an amazingly cool professor emeritus in his 80's, who came in after our first teacher was promoted to a professorship at the local Uni.  I liked being thought of as smart in a math class, and that my classmates treated me like a Brainiac because I understood the stuff so well.   That just doesn't happen too often unless you are  truly a genius.

What item at a salad bar gets you the most excited?
Cubes of jello.  It's fun to eat because it jiggles, and it comes in such amazing colors.

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