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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday it rained and filled the water butts back up.  This reminded me to be thankful for being able to collect rain from the roof!  I made a video but Picassa won't let me even see it.  The beast!  I put another program on the Machinetta so that I can wrangle my photos and videos with more ease.

Yesterday we went to my sister's house and discovered that the roses there were blooming, almost as if people were watering them again with their gray water.  It would have been so easy to help the bushes all survive just with all the families on her quadrant putting grey water on them every day.  I said it loudly enough for them all to hear it, several times, this spring.  My excuse is that I'm getting a little deaf and so is DH so this necessitates some rather loud exchanges between us, sort of like a Laurel and Hardy skit.

So, I'm thankful for the people who are saving the roses.  All the roses are so lovely and are very good rose bushes in the bargain.

I finished the book, Brain of  Fire   by Susannah Cahalan.  It was a gripping tale, to not put too fine a point on it.  I know, trite, but true!  You will not want to put this book down.  Now, in a search, I find that it's been made into a movie, though I'm not sure I want to watch a movie.  How can it be true to, or even do justice to, the book?  There is no work of fiction that is more exciting to read.

That Mz. Cahalan lived to tell her story is the result of having an amazing family support, lots of Luck, and some amazing physicians putting everything they had into finding out what was wrong with this young woman.  Susannah ( I need a proof reader!) Cahalan is also a brilliant writer.

I'm reading  a book called, Three Daughters , now, by Consuelo Saah Bauer, for a change of pace- or so I thought.  It's nothing like any of the Asian tales of family life, since this takes place in Palestine, from well before WWI and carrying on through, I presume, the 1940's.  I'm not able to get the information anywhere on line because I haven't got the Physical book.

See, there is at least one reason to read REAL books!  Thank you God that print books still exist!

From OldBooks.org
oldbooks.org may now be defunct.  Sad.....


  1. What is grey water? The water that comes out of the washing machines and such? I know that CA has been suffering from a dreadful drought for years now.
    We collect rainwater too, not because we have a drought though. Our tap water is very hard and the rain water is better for the plants and the garden.

  2. Hi Karen, that's exactly what grey water is.
    I can't collect from my washer because it's plumbed into the wall but we collect all other water, like bathtub/shower, cooking, and water from washing dishes. Actually, the city had said that they were going to have a grey (gray) water collection system in place in five years but that ended with a new mayor. He wants to spend the money on the merchants and maybe the football team! grrr! Such a jerk.
    We will collect even more water this winter to water the garden plants and might figure out how to plumb the washer for a drainage tank outside the house.

    1. PS. Sorry about that hard water. We have hard water that tastes yukky. Do you use a britta for drinking water? That's what we do not instead of bottled water.


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