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Monday, October 26, 2015

I can't figure out how to comment on worpress blogs...

So, this might be a good alternative until I figure out a more integrated way.  The way worpress has set it up is just not working.  I tried posting to your blog this week..not go!

@Stacie. I was 16 when the music died, and it was a terrible time.  It's something that informed my young life and for ever after, it has done so.

About writing:  Just keep writing and you will find  your own unique abilities as a wordsmith (your style)  emerging,  and your "voice" growing clearer.  My creative writing teacher in the late 50's told her students the above, and this was before the internet grabbed "Authentic voice" up as a marketing strategy.   She was right.  Humans are natural story tellers from the time we were all keepers of tribal oral traditions.  Boy did this get long!

Spanish and Italian are pretty close, but as someone pointed out, French is much more complicated.  They elide so much.  Of all, I like Italian for it's amazingly passionate delivery.  I think you'll like Italian.
So many of us picked the Bible

From Sunday Stealing this week, in reply to your post.

Everyone who has commented to the wordpress blog, thank you!  , I just found all your replies on the wordpress blog, from probably three years(!) under an icon I'd  never seen before...  Sorry I didn't seem to be reading them, I never knew they were there!  Now that I do, I'll read them!

Have a great week and I'll see you later on.


  1. That is why I stay with Blogger. Although many have told me that Wordpress is a best place to blog!! Hope you can figure it out soon!

  2. Hi, Paula. I'm staying with blogspot- Blogger- because I know it the best, and I like using it's features as long as Google doesn't keep gluing it into more of a ball.

    I tried wordpress a long time ago, and then tried it again. The only way I can cross the line into wordpress territory is if both are up and running, then wordpress lets me comment on one of their blogs, but the WAY it does it is totally weird.
    For one thing, it makes it look like it's sending comments I am making are being made by a Blogspot blogger, but it's not. It's actually doing some bridge thing and sending it as if FROM the the Wordpress one. Nutty!


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