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Friday, November 27, 2015

friday5: "Holding"

friday5 time!

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This meme is almost ten years old, and I like that it always makes a person think about things, not that the others don't.
Join us?

1. When did you recently experience a pleasantly delayed gratification?
I had to look up the exact meaning for this phrase.  
This delayed gratification would be to have waited to buy some things until after Thanksgiving.  So far, I've only bought online jigsaw puzzles, but Oh the Colors, and such a treat for the eyes.  That was very pleasant and it was quite delayed.  

2. What’s something you’d like to just fast-forward through in the next few weeks?
This is the time of the year that time moves so quickly, and I have so much to do, that I really would like to slow things down.  I love the so-called Holiday Season.  

This is so ME!

3. What’s something in the next few weeks you’ll wish you could slow down so you can savor the experience?
See answer 2.

4. What’s something that takes you a lot longer than it used to?
Everything.  I've slowed down every aspect of life just to make it through a day.  Inside, I have to harness that feisty 24 year old carnivore!  On the outside, the almost 73 year old trudges along her snail like paths, and rests a lot.  She's almost a complete herbivore, as well.

5. What’s something you saved for later, but when later came, you decided you didn’t really want it?
Oh, I still want it but it's pretty senseless to get it now. Maybe Santa Claus will still bring it.  I haven't given up on this.


  1. Yep...I agree with #4~ Everything takes longer to do! LOL
    God's blessings! hugs~

  2. Oh Cathy, it sounds like you know this, too. LOL

    So, Big Hugs back! And thanks for those blessings, and I wish them for you as well. One of my neighbor's favorite things to say was, "The first hundred years are the hardest", as he waves to us at the mailboxes.


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