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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday9: Black is Black

I have done my best from an iPad.  These things are not as good as a Netbook but you can see them better in the dark. 

Black is Black.

1) Black is this week's signature color because Friday, November 27, was "Black Friday," when retailers cut their prices and consumers flock to the stores. Did you score any "Black Friday" bargains?
Just some jigsaw puzzle packs, on line.  Fun stuff!!

2) WalMart, Best Buy, Toys R Us and Target have all heavily advertised their "Black Friday" sales. If you could have a $50 gift card to one of those stores, which would choose? What would you spend the $50 on?
Best Buy, and I'd get a pink iPod nano.  Or maybe I'd get a Canon Mark 5 EOS.  LOL. at my age!

3) Star Wars items are predicted to be big sellers this Black Friday. Are you a big sci-fi fan? Are there any sci-fi fans on your holiday gift list?  
Yes I'm usually interested in Sci-Fi, but no, there's nothing I want right now.  I might think of buying "Firefly" for the kids.

4) Feasting and football are also popular Thanksgiving weekend pastimes. Do your Thursday-Sunday plans include pigging out or watching a game?
No, happily the TV stayed off this year.

5) At Thanksgiving dinners, Crazy Sam's homemade gravy is always a hit. (Probably because she's so generous with the cognac, which gives the gravy a nutty taste.) Do you have a signature dish?
That gravy sounds wonderful!  My somewhat signature dish, the one I'm always asked to bring, is candied yams.  I make them from an old farmer's wife's recipe, my Grandmother's.

6) What did you give thanks for on Thanksgiving 2015?
I was grateful that we all had a good time, and that our grand nephew was there this year as well.

7) Monday is Cyber Monday, when shoppers can save big online. Do you shop confidently over the Internet, or do you worry about security breaches and identity theft? 
 I shop very little and don't generally worry.  One of the biggest security breaches was of data stolen from card readers inside of retail stores; to be honest, it could happen anywhere.

8) This week's featured band, Los Bravos, was international. Their members came from both Germany and Spain. If you could travel to any foreign country in the world, which would you choose?
I'd love to see the whole place.  All of it.

9) The band's name, Los Bravos, can be translated to mean, "The Brave." Do you consider yourself gutsy?
No, not gutsy.  But I have risked my life to save children at a time in the past.  I'd do it again because children are the future.  In my code of Life with a capital L, that is the duty of an Elder of the tribe.

Thanks, Sam, for doing this meme every week for years on end.  You are a terrific Gal!


  1. I am interested in that story of risking your life for children. Did you rescue someone from the train tracks? I am also intrigued by your Code of Life. So many people do not have one.

    1. No, not the train tracks. It was a shooting at a school. Two men died and several students were wounded. A policeman was shot and paralyzed but recovered later. I worked at the school as a volunteer aide. After yanking the three girls back out of the line of fire,and sending them home, I stopped a car in the street, and she listened to me and backed away with her son, whom she was dropping off at the school, still in the car. Then Astria came, a the police car came around the corner and I headed home. As soon as I walked in the door, the phone was ringing. It was a radio station from back east! The internet was not even in place then.
      It was a crazy, awful day. Two people I admired and thought the world of died that day. I'll never forget them, ever. They were the heroes.
      My code had been hammered out over the years before then. It's very much akin to, "He who seeks to save his life will lose it." Also: It was a good day to die. Everyone pretty much knows what to die for. Children are that line for me.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Mz. Kwizgiver. I liked yours, too. Have a great week! Here comes Christmas!

  3. Wow. That was very humbling. Your attitude is so admirable and courageous. (And an iPad or Kindle keyboard can bring even the bravest person to tears.)

    1. Thanks, Gal, but I feel that anyone would have done the same thing. Something just rises up and gives you strength.

      Ah yes, and then there is an iPad........ I've had to remember that it's new to me, I'm old, and never the twain should meet but there we are, at 11:30 at night, making the most of our situation. lol

  4. wow. i really hope i never have to deal with that, what you went through at the school. it's so sad that people are so filled with hurt or rage or whatever it is that they want to kill other innocent people, especially kids. :(

    on a lighter note, my mom is known for her candied yams recipe, too. she is always asked to bring it for thanksgiving. otherwise, she is always asked to bring sushi. i don't have a dish that i make that is good enough for people to ask me to bring it all the time! ah well. lots more recipes out there to explore.

    1. I hope that these things stop- and nothing like that ever reaches you, lia. It's heartbreaking that it keeps on and on...

      And yes, there are a lot of recipes out there to conquer and make your specialty. Ooooo sushi! love the vegan kind it is so delicious. But, you'll find your niche. ;o)

  5. I have found odd charges on my billing statements in the past. The credit card companies seem to know what to do.

    1. Credit card Co's are getting really savvy about stuff like odd. And they have software that flags it pronto. I'm so thankful!

  6. I work with children and I always wondered if I would be able to risk my life to save a child... it is easy to think you would, but it is impossible to know for sure until the moment comes. The closest I've really come is when working in a special education school, there was one kid who could be very violent, and in gym class the kids were playing hockey. The one kid, who was also really impulsive, raised up his hockey stick over another child as if he were going to hit him with it. Without thinking I grabbed the other child and bent my body over his to shield him, and I was wincing and fully expecting to be cracked with the hockey stick... until another assistant told me the kid with the hockey stick had wandered off. I guess that means I do have the instinct to protect a child, and hopefully it would come out again if I ever needed it to!

    1. Yes, it is impossible to know. You're right about that. But the fact that you did protect the child from the threat means that you've got the instinct to protect which is just what the world needs more of. I hope you never have to face someone with a lethal weapon but getting cracked with a hockey stick is pretty threatening, too! People break bones with those things.


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