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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ignorance is something I can't live with

So, I watched three more True American heroes get chewed up by Washington.


I'm not going to stay silent about this one.

So, there it is, lest we ignore the cost of ignorance in our crumbling democracy.   Who wins?  The ones who want us all to ignore their hands on our throats.  They do!  Not your children or mine.  But the people behind the theft of all our Constitutional rights, that's who.

Think you are free, or immune?  Think again.  Do you really like Oligarchies?


  1. I am so happy to see that someone else out there is also getting very upset by this.

  2. I know the Turks are upset about all this, too. After all, they have a secular government and are a prime target.
    Also, US vulture Capitalism is a very real danger because it's generally a foot in the door for setting up conditions that lead away from anything but unrest and factionalism and, thus, war.
    I'm utterly sick of this free wheeling set of "war and rebuilding" devils, and the only country big enough to do anything about is not bully enough. But, when and if it is, there will be some very dire consequences.
    I am so angry right now. And Sad. I'll be back when and if I recover.


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