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Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday catching up. Replies to Saturday9 a few weeks ago, etc.

I'm sorry that after all my feelings got re-compartmentalized, that I didn't return to answer comments to Saturday9 from the 14th of November.  That's being done now.

Yesterday we went to see my sister, since our brother is here for Thanksgiving.  First we stopped at Michael's though, so that I could get some candles that are probably too smart of the likes of me, and I also snagged a teddy bear cookie jar at deep discounts.

At my sister and bro in laws house, we all had a fun chin wag,  and eventually some electronic gadgets came out.  My bro has as a cell phone that he's never been properly introduced to, and so they all started teaching him what all the powers of a cell phone are!  There's another little gadget that is getting too smart to be in the room with.

We came home and watched a silly but cute holiday film about a wayward barn elf, and then a really silly one about a jersey girl coming home from Manhattan to find out that she really doesn't want to give up her Bounty Hunter life style.  Since neither of them are worth watching, I've decided they shall remain nameless, but the plot makes them traceable.  Go for it if you want to have a little fun being silly and like animals (#1) and jersey (#2).

Bye for now!

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