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Friday, December 4, 2015

friday5: In and Out

The button for this interesting and thought provoking meme is in the side bar.  Come join up?  It's fun... :o)

1. When did you last allow someone into your home to fix something or install something?
That's when the poor plumber had to come over and snake the main bathroom.  Some pretty awful looking (and smelling) water was coming up the drain in the tub!   He is officially retired but he came out of it for us.  Bless his heart!  
Sometimes, you just know you want a PRO doing these things!  Do you see the three arms?  This guy is built for this!

2. Not counting holiday parties, when did you last attend a party or gathering with a stated theme, and what was that theme?
Theme?  Hmmm....  I just don't go to themed parties.  Thanksgiving homage to the Pilgrims?  Yule?
Easter Bunny pops out of a big egg basket cake party?  


Zoroastrian Bash?
3. When you were in high school, what were most often your reasons for being on campus after hours?
GAA, or Girl's Athletic Society.   We played a lot of tournaments after hours and sometimes on weekends.  And, the Choir practices took place  at school, and Senior Scouts met at the high school.  I only went to one football game, and the star tackle got his leg broken.  That was way too much excitement for me, and that was the end of it!

4. What’s something nobody offers for home delivery but should?
I don't know....  hmmm ... maybe See's candy?
 I'd love that, but it would have to be delivered in an unmarked vehicle and be wrapped in plain brown paper.  I wouldn't want the neighbor's to know I have an addiction or anything.  

5. In what public space this weekend are you most likely to run into someone you know, not counting the spaces you always see them (at work or at church, for example)?
What if they built a Mall and nobody came?

I avoid public spaces on weekends.  If I lived in a teensy town, I'd expect to meet people I know at the town center.  Here, I've known many people  for forty years, and I've NEVER met up with any of them in a public place.  Once, just once, I met my sister-in-law at a Costco, when I and the older girls were shopping for moving out supplies.  That's how gigantic this city is.

Thanks for participating, and have a wonderful weekend!

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