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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday9! Come join this happy meme...

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Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Welcome to Saturday: 9. 

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here

1) The "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" video begins with the gentlemen of Green Day dealing with car trouble. If your car overheated, what's the first thing you would do to remedy the situation?
Pull off the road, shut it off, look to see if the water pump had dumped it's guts on the road, and if it had, I'd call Triple A.  So many years have passed since I've had a car with a carburetor.  There's no thwakking on the side of anything or re-seating plugs that will cure a dead car nowadays.

Source with some advice

2) Thinking of cars, lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong has had his share of trouble behind the wheel and was busted for driving well beyond the speed limit. Was your last ticket for parking, or was it a moving violation?
I haven't had a ticket in so long that I honestly can't remember what it was all about.  I've had a warning in the last 20 years.  A very nice policeman gave me a warning.  And I've never done it again, "Honest Injun"!  

3) Billie Joe says "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was inspired by the Edward Hopper painting, "Nighthawks." Tell us about a piece of artwork that you enjoy. (Yes, the macaroni picture frame created for you by your nephew counts.)
My teenage Bee did an absolutely beautiful pencil drawing of Freddie Mercury in leathers at a microphone.  I'd guess that's my most treasured piece of art, and it is Art.

4) Let's go back to childhood. Was the home where you grew up located on a boulevard, an avenue, a street, a lane or a road? 
No, it really didn't exist on the grid.  We moved in right after the war, and the paternal unit sold the house to someone else, but kept the land. Houses, at that time, without the GI bill, were not available for any price.  He was pretty much an idiot.  His whole family ended up on the "wrong side of the tracks" because of his ways....

The "house" we then spent the most years in was behind the top house, and in the valley by the river. It was a converted chicken coop, made livable and passably nice by Psycho Dad, who was not totally devoid of talent.  Now the whole thing is mostly gone, having been stripped of everything of value by all and sundry when we were forced to leave it because paying bills wasn't one of PD's talents.  I could write a novel.......

5) This song won Green Day a Grammy for Record of the Year. What positive feedback have you received recently? 
Hmmm, none I can remember.  

6) Green Day uses their Facebook page to let more than 32 millions know what the group is doing. What's the last thing you posted to social media?
Friday5?  I don't do more social media than that.  Is Google+ social?

7) In 2004, when this song was popular, Ken Jennings had a still unbeaten string of 74 wins on Jeopardy! What game show do you think you'd do well on?
I don't even know what's out there.  Sorry!  It's not a game show but I'd probably do well on "This Old House". *wink* *wink*

8) Also in 2004, Lance Armstrong was in the midst of his own Tour de France winning streak. Now we know he cheated. Tell us about a time you broke the rules.
I"m pretty much not a rule breaker.  I'm a "What you see is what you got" sort of person, like my mother.  Oh, one rule we broke, my brother and I, was that we would sneak snacks into a Saturday matinee when we actually got to go.  The snacks and the movie were not something we could easily afford.  Sometimes, Mother would give us another quarter to buy a candy bar, sometimes......  

9) 2004 is when Morgan Spurlock released Super Size Me, his documentary about eating nothing but McDonald's for a month. What's the last fast food restaurant you visited?
The only place, and the last place we bought anything sort of like fast food, is at Chipotlé, and that is because they so carefully source everything they sell in their food and it's prep.  
If I ever were to find out differently, I will be picketing them in my wheel chair!  

I SO do not like Corporate Lies and Malfeasance!
Gonna Getcha!


  1. You lived in a converted chicken coop! What a fascinating story.

    1. Believe me, in the post WWII era, many families lived in anything that had a roof.
      We lived for six or more months in a Quanset hut with three other families. Then the chance came to buy a house, but that was shared with another family to make the mortgage but subsequently lost, then we moved into the chicken coop, partially remodeled by the former owner for retuning troops and their families. Everything would have been fine if my father wasn't so violently angry about not getting to go back to Germany. Later mother found out why.

  2. I have a friend who has a vegetable farm (he used to have cows and chickens but as he got older it was too much for him so he just grew vegetables) and he converted the chicken coup in to his man cave.

    1. Ours had a flat sewer tile floor between the ground with a linoleum layer over that. The hallway tile was layer right on the earth. The whole inside walls were knotty pine- even the ceilings- PD installed it all; this made a very cozy two bedroom one bath house. If he hadn't been who he was we, though poor, could have been happy there. He wasn't nuts really he was criminal and twisted.

  3. Someone near us converted a silo into a house. Small rooms, lots of stairs. You should write your memoirs - never too old for that.

    1. In a show about extreme houses, there was one in South Africa that was an old native dwelling, a beehive house. It was so lovely- simple and clean, and wonderful.
      Thanks about memoirs but I'll write for here. Blogs may get to be passé but I love doing this. Thanks for the thought though. I'll think it over :-)

  4. Fascinating story--you should write your memoir!!

    1. Maybe I will but it will have to be soon, heehee.

  5. If I ever get stranded on the side of the road with a dead car, I hope that you are near by :)

    1. Aw, thanks, that way would chat while Triple A gets there. heehee

  6. Maybe you SHOULD write a book! Memoirs are my favorite genre. I would read yours.

    1. Awwww that's sweet that you'd read my scribbling. Thank you for that.

  7. No positive feedback? That needs to be fixed.
    You are an inspiration. A daily reminder that there are indeed people who CARE about the planet, about wildlife, about things. You are someone who is not afraid to state their mind about WHATEVER it is that is on your mind. Your honesty, your openness and your caring about important things, even those which appear to be small in the big picture of life, is truly an inspiration and a ray of hope in the light of so much darkness and madness in the world. Thank you. :-)

  8. A www shucks Mz. Karen. Thanks. :-). *Smiles and shyly takes a teeny tiny bow.....*


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