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Monday, January 25, 2016

A bit over the hill and around the bend, to grandmother's house we go.....


Yesterday, which was Sunday, I realized that I'm definitely over the hill.  This means that a lot of stuff has to go out the door.  DeCluttering for a Crafter is an awesome task.

And, though the sharp young minds I've been bantering with are the best fun, they are nearly all the ages of my daughters.  Something was amiss in my brain.  Something was a mess in my house!  Something had to be done.  A Seventy something cannot ignore the tasks at hand!

It is said that nothing keeps you younger than trying to keep up with young people but  people saying these things don't know what the devil they are talking about.  When you listen to yourself, and are mostly saying that you "used to do" this, or "back in the day" you did that.. you know that your "sell by date" has passed, and that you are out of the loop.

 And, say, suddenly all the "once upon a times" add up in your head with a crashing of neurons (at one o'clock in the morning) while you are posting a wack-doodle comment on someone's blog that you meant as funny but in reality is just plain stupid.  You see a pattern, if not a clue.

You just know it's time to change directions.  Since I cannot reconcile this in my head, it's really time to move on.  I'll just go code tweak a little more on those side bar buttons.

And then, Clean house!
Who in their right mind would waste the space underneath?
One other thing before I go.  Remember that the sliding scale for Heaven or Hell is vertical.  The sliding scale for politics is left and right, horizontal, and has no bearing on whether a person is good enough to get to heaven or bad enough to have to go to hell.

  Just so we are clear on this.  You may quote me. Teehee

Be back soon.


  1. Sounds like an attack of spring cleaning. Put it to use while it lasts ;-)

    1. It certainly does, doesn't it! I will put the time to good use. Such very Wise words! Meanwhile,
      Take care of yourself, and look for the beauty all around you. Me.... I can't log in here right now.


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