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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Since Blogger has changed...rambling of a deranged blog owner....

Google removed it's own Codes that forced links, of all kinds, into a new page, and they did this for God only knows what reason.  Maybe too many people didn't like getting lost in a maze?  Well, they just created a worse one, in case they never noticed.  Did the devil really make them do it?

"Google, we need to talk"

I've only been able to fix the problem of NOT having a new window pop up, for in-text links - like THIS one for the San Diego Opera's performances of Tosca!

Anywho, that bit of code does seem to work.  I'm still looking for the bits and pieces for the side bar codes.  It will take a few more days, if I have the time.  I'll probably be doing my nails though...  And you all know the kind of time something like that takes.

The side bar buttons would still navigate away from my blog, which I find to be terribly irritating to say the least.  So I killed them- sucked the life right out of them.

Maybe, when I have the strength of mind to do it, I'll put up a link below each of the pictures that will, perhaps, behave like an in-text link (though I really doubt this) and that will solve the problem.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused any reader, though I doubt that anyone besides me really ever used any of those buttons anyway.

And to set the record straight, so you don't think I actually believe in Devils, I don't. Web shots of them just make the most incredible pictorial stand ins for rage!  It's only pixels, after all.  And I DO like the color red.  I didn't link the picture because I'm not sure where it really came from.

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