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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Trains, witches, Swartz piles, and Vogue. Saturday9

It's Saturday9!

The link is in the side bar or go HERE to join in the fun!  We have no rules because, in truth we don't like them.  But you can read and comment on the Linky that is on the Gal Herself 's Saturday9 blog.

Saturday 9: Five O'Clock World (1966)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1. Think back to Friday. Did it fly by? Or did you find yourself checking the clock and wishing it was 5:00?
Actually it was a very nice day.  I woke up thinking this Friday was one of the PT days, and it wasn't.  So the rest was ALL leisure time.  Loved it.  I can't begin to describe the exact level of giddy Euphoria that overtook me as I snuggled back down into bed with the kindle aglow in my hands.

 2. This song refers to the 5:00 whistle that signifies the end of the work day. What's the last whistle, alarm or buzzer you heard?
Nine AM everyday, set for Wolfie's eye med and my med.  There are two things set for that time, too.  One of them is my little plastic gym watch.  I can't figure out how to shut off it's alarm, so now there are two set- it and the phone.  

However, I'll tell you about the last whistle because it's lots more fun.  We have a train that goes just about daily, and sometimes at around 1:30 am, down the incline to the valley below us.  It always sounds it's whistle, actually a horn, I guess.  It's lovely to hear.  Reminds me of the freight train that went to Pennsylvania through my Grandpa's woods.  I love these trains, even when I hear one sounding it's horn/whistle after 1 AM.

3. In the 1960s, the Vogues often appeared on TV variety shows to promote their record albums. Do you have the TV on now, as you answer these questions?

4. "Vogue" means "popular or fashionable." Tell us about something that you feel is in vogue today. 
It's becoming more popular with little kids these days, correct me if I'm wrong, to be aware of the environment.  I don't think it's a vogue, though.  I think it's completely real and lasting.  

5. Vogue magazine reported that the big Fall/Winter trend was brocade. Describe the latest addition to your Fall/Winter wardrobe. 
Ha!  Me?  A fashionista?  Well, once I was very fashion conscious but not anymore.

6. Vogue editor Anna Wintour is such a difficult boss that disgruntled employees nicknamed her "Nuclear Wintour." What qualities do you think make a good boss?
Bosses need to make sure that they  don't go power mad, or carry "home" into work with them.  Good bosses can, and do, communicate precisely what an employee's responsibilities are, kindly and firmly.  Wow, having said all this, I just looked at the next question!  Yep, that witchypoo, the one played so very well by Meryl Streep!  A Bad Baaa-aaad Boss!    

7. Ms. Wintour was rumored to be the inspiration for the character of Amanda in the book and movie, The Devil Wears Prada. Did you receive any books or movies for Christmas 2015? Did you receive any gift cards that you then used for books or movies?  I'm not surprised that prima donna was the model.  As the the question, the answer is no, not for Christmas but for my birthday.  I bought two books and will get more later.  Books, e or hard copy, are lovely!  

8. "Vogue" was also a dance, made famous by Madonna in her 1990 hit by the same name. Can you name another Madonna song?
"Don't cry for me Argentina".  It's a beautiful song.  Andrew Lloyd Webber and Time Rice wrote it, of course, but she sang it wonderfully well.  This video is of a live performance, in Argentina.  

9. Random question from a Sat9-er: How organized are your clean clothes? (Stacked in piles, folded neatly in drawers, still in the dryer....?)
All our clothes are folded and in drawers or hung in closets.  It's always been this way.   I hang them right out of the dryer, to save ironing them or looking anymore like an ancient Bat/Witch than I already do.  heehee   My Swartz piles (detritus) are in the craft room.

Me, on a good day...
SOURCE is a Hookah page.  Not going to link it.
Too frisky for tender folk.
If I were healthy this house would be spotless.  Cough cough.. And now Madame DeFarge will get back to her knitting....which she has recently taken back up.... our maybe she'll just keep reading and drinking herbal tea.


  1. Isn't it the best feeling to realize you don't have to get out of bed?!? What I wouldn't give to have a 9:00 am alarm.
    I agree with you about your boss attributes and even though the Vogue lady was a bad boss, it sure was fun to watch! :)

    1. Being able to wake up, panic, and then sink back and snuggle onto the pillow is probably the most delicious feeling for people unaccustomed to rise at the crack of dawn- 7 am. hehe. Oh yes, that was such a fun movie, I watch it every once in awhile for kicks. It's a life I'm happy to have missed getting caught up in, frankly. Have a great week!

  2. Loved your "alarm" answer because I live along train tracks. Two different commuter lines and the freights use them. It's almost always noisy, but I like it.

    1. "Howcantheystandit?" is my first question whenever seeing a movie about people in apartments who live next to an Ell train. But I see that if you like the noise, that helps immensely! Train whistles always make my wanderlust raise it's head. I've been across the US three times in trains, all before the age of six. Have a great weekend, Gal!

  3. I now have a medicine alarm, too.

    1. Oh my, KG, not you, too? But I'm glad to not be alone in this. Hope you have a lovely week. Lots of things to smile, and laugh, with the kids about.

  4. Replies
    1. Me, too. Obviously trains got into my blood early. There were no planes in my day that anyone actually trusted very much (or could afford) to get from A to B. Have a nice week full of good stuff. :o)

  5. I must say that I am less concerned with fashion too these days. Why waste money like that?

    1. I agree. I'd much rather have, say, another little dog! Besides, who cares how I dress nowadays? Not the dogs obviously and Mr.Z has always been a jeans and tee shirt kinda guy. He was so glad to retire and get rid of the suits. Have a lovely week!

  6. At night on rainy days when sound carries I can hear the trains on the grade up to Hartford blowing their horn at the only crossing in town. They are rerouting the road so there will be no grade crossing and that means no more horn. I'll miss the sound of the horn way off in the distance.

  7. I know what you mean, as I will miss this train if it stops running. Trains are iconic Americana. I hope they don't all disappear. Have a great week Diana. Enjoy!


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