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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday Tails: Oh that Pickles!

Wolfie report: once got under my chair foot rest, during Fourth of July right after we adopted him.  He's gradually gotten over most of his loud noise fear, but there are still  things here and there that disturb him.  A reader warned me that I needed to be careful and had a horrible story about an accident.  So, if you have pups that can fit under those things, be sure not to close it on them.  We don't need any more sadness in this life than gets randomly handed out to us when we check ourselves through the "IN" door, at birth.

Wolfie, snuggled up in his very favorite place

The tort report:  The big tortoises are still in hibernation but they will be out very soon.  I don't think we'll be getting any late February Killer frosts but we have had them recently.  The babies bask in the sunlight during the day, though we did put them through a short "hibernation" at the beginning of the winter, just to sort of ready them.  Now, that they are outside during the day, we bring them in at night because they can't be out in temperatures less than 55F.  In the morning they get to go back out and dig in the dirt and eat the grasses in their little enclosure.

Arizona Fish and Game has a lovely WEBPAGE about their Sonoran Desert Tortoises, and the BLM across all the Lower Western States has very strict rules about them.  Now that the preserves are in place, we can hope that they all, both Sonoran and the newly named Gopherus morafkai will all be safer and go unmolested about their little lives.  There is actually another sub species, and Poko Ono belongs to it, that hasn't been formally acknowledged yet.  Since her babies are hybrids, they aren't as hardy.  She is Coastal, and Churchy is definitely from the Mojave species.  One of the visiting veterinarians told us this at a weigh in at a pre-hibernation meeting of the Turtle and Tortoise Society.
Green Eyed Mamma Poko Ono
Brown eyed Churchy

These two (*points up*) produced one green eyed baby, Lucky, who is now about 20 years old.  Give or take a few.  I can't remember all this anymore. Lol.

That's all I can "fish up" at the moment.
Hope you all have a good week.  


  1. Wolfie is just pure cuteness! :-)
    Hope all is well.

    1. He's been a God send from the first time he walked into our arms at the pound. We feel blessed by this little dog.
      We are chugging along on three cylinders, and i'll email you. Still somewhat in waiting mode. I'm grateful for caring friends. Thank you.

  2. Those pups always want to be near you so we always have to be careful where we step and when closing up recliners.

    1. Hi Wendi, and what you say is so true. It doesn't matter how big or little, they are all lap dogs, and under the feet or under the chair is where they'll go. So yes, careful is the watchword.

  3. Richard used to get out of his chair without putting down the footrest! Very dangerous for an 'old' man! We didn't have any pups to get trapped! Have a good day Zippi!!

    1. Oh boy, that is dangerous for all ages! I took a spectacular spill last week because I lost my balance reaching across the top of the chair trying to get a remote out of one storage arm. The chair started to recline, I tried to right myself and the whole back started to lift off, as they are made that way! I ended up on my back on the floor after scraping my fandango down the handles on the bookcase. DH was so scared I had broken something - but almost only my pride was hurt. There is now a permalump inside my right gluteus maximus, as if it weren't already big enough. =)


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