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Saturday, February 20, 2016

World Pangolin Day, and Saturday9

Yes, this amazing, and adorable little ball of Scales is a Mammal, just like Mama.  They are highly endangered. 

And now for something completely different.

Sixteen Tons, the song....  Hear it HERE

1) 16 tons = 32,000 pounds, because there are 2,000 lbs. to a ton. Without looking it up, do you know how many ounces are in a pound?

There are 16.  I'm a cook, so know all the way down to three teaspoons and all the way up to a gallon.  But I'm also old and find metric a big pain in the *ss.  I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot long wooden spoon.

2) The singer describes himself as having "a mind that's weak and a back that's strong." Think about yourself. Which feels more powerful today, your body or your brain?I can't say.  I just don't know.  Maybe they are equal?  But I am having a hulluva time thinking at the moment, sorry.  I am already working on half a wit.  lol
3) The poor chap in this song has money troubles. Are you good at sticking to your budget?Very good.  I save up for stuff.  I may never know what that stuff will be, but the money's there if I find something.  I just bought a lantern made in America, from Amazon.  All the other stuff just is looking like shabby Chic all of a sudden.  I liked it but it was well, too shabby?  Anyway, the little thing is going to be here today.

4) Tennessee Ernie Ford snapped his fingers as he recorded this song. It's been said that while it's possible to snap your fingers of both hands, the noise is louder with your "dominant hand." (So if you're a rightie, the finger snap will be louder with your right hand.) Try it yourself. Did you find this to be true?I can't snap the fingers on my "dominant" hand.  I can snap them loudly on my extra hand.  I save the dominant hand for my knitting.  I've been asked to make some chemo caps, which were anticipated, and thus the purchase of some beautiful Cashmere yarns.  And I'm finishing the pink Stardust, only have to block it and seam it.

Colors are a rich deep purple and Deep Torquise
5) Mr. Ford appeared as "Cousin Ernie" in three episodes of I Love Lucy. What's your all-time favorite sitcom?Until "Big Bang Theory" came along, it was "Major Dad".  

6) Tennessee Ernie took the money he made from his performing career and invested in a California cattle ranch. Think back to the last beef your ate. How was it prepared?The last beef I ate was sustainable, free range, and was prepared on a grill at home.  That was about three years ago.  Then we found free ranged Bison, from Indian lands, and they have happy lives.  Tasty! 

7) Mr. Ford passed away at age 72 in 1991. That year, Dr. Seuss also died. What's your favorite Dr. Seuss book?"Green Eggs and Ham"  Seuss was a lot of fun to read to the kids.  Not so tasty, I reckon.

8) Gene Roddenberry also died that year. Mr. Roddenberry is best known as the creator of Star Trek. Who is your favorite Star Trek character?Just one?  You are so darn strict!  

Ok, I'll try.  I really liked Bones, because he was always teasing Spock.  And, I also liked Data, a lot.
9) Random question: We're having smoothies. What's your favorite?

I'll make a banana Mango Strawberry with vanilla soy milk.  

Thanks, Sam, for this fun meme every Saturday.  I  look forward to it, come rain or come shine. So, keep 'em coming, Please!



  1. You got me thinking ... whatever happened to the mom from Major Dad? She went from being on our TV screens every week to pfft, gone, didn't she?

    That cashmere is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Gal. I got lucky and found it in a close out last week from Webs. Great timing, Webs! And, I don't have a clue where that pretty woman went to but wherever it is I wish her well.

      I'm stepping down for a few weeks but want to thank you for this lovely meme. ttyl *waves*


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