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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Was that you in the paper? Sunday Stealing

Cheers to all of us thieves!!! *

Puzzler Meme

Stolen from: Love me some surveys

1. What time is it? 
It's Dinnertime!

2. Quick. What’s the first green thing you see? 
Palm tree on a post card from our niece.

3. Do you like those Sudoku puzzles? 
I'm just no good at them.  So, no, I don't.

4. Do you own a plaid shirt? 
Half a dozen.  Probably more.  We camped a lot.

5. What’s your favorite kind of pie?
Any kind with a top and/or a bottom crust and something in between it/them.

6. Have you read a book today?
Yes, I'm reading two actually.  One's on loan from the library and I'm not going to tell you what it is in case I run out of time, and the other is a non fiction which I hope I own.  Geez I've never had so many books at my fingertips in my life except when I worked IN a library.

7. Do you like going to museums? 
I used to.  It was fun.

8. Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? Or your nation's capital? 
Nope, but I wish I had gone to the big demonstrations there.  Would have been AMAZING!

9. Have you ever been to the state of Washington? 
No, it's one of the western states we still haven't visited.

10. Do you like apple juice? 
Organic unsweetened, yes.

11. How cold is it outside? 
It's evening so it's 61F
12. Have you ever taken a course in Chemistry? 
Yes.  It was fun.

13. Do you like to draw? 
I love to draw, it's my one remaining passion, besides music, and oil painting, Mr. Z, my children and knitting and ...... hmmmm  It's one OF my remaining passions.

14. What do you put on your french fries? 

15. Do you like everything to match? 
Heliotrope, no.  I am an eclectic eccentric.

16. Do you like mustard? 
I like almost every one they sell on the shelf, and have made my own hot mustard, dead easy, for egg rolls.

17. Would you ever work at a movie theater? 
No, people are such pigs in a darkened theater.

18. Do you have a phone charger in your car? 
It's not part of the car so no.

19. Have you ever slept through an alarm? 
My problem is getting enough sleep.  The drizzle falling off the roof wakes me up.

20. Do you like pineapple on pizza? 
Yes, I do.  I know that that potty mouth, Anthony Bourdain doesn't but I do.  Just kidding (sort of) about the mouth, Anthony!  I dig the politics.

21. Do you like to hold hands? 
Yes.  I like to fall asleep holding Mr. Z's. hand.  It helps me go to sleep.

22.  Do you want a tattoo? 
Once upon a time, yes.  I wanted a little rose on my ankle.  Too late!  Too swollen. hehehe

23. When is the last time you ordered from a catalog?
Wow, that is so 1970's.  It had to be in a hardware store, something about a certain wood I needed,  if I remember correctly.  

24. Do you know anyone who has a collection of old records?
Yes.  But my own, I have digitized.  I wanted to get them with a pop and click machine.  Worked nicely. :o)

25. What’s the name of the gas station you last stopped at?
Costco.  Can anyone afford any where else?

26. What was the first song you heard today? 
This fabulous, gorgeous and beautiful thing:

I've loved Van Morrison's songs and singing from day one.  This song was in the song track of the movie, "Nine Months".

27. Have you ever gotten a magazine subscription as a gift? 
Yes, my daughter gave me one to Sunset Magazine.  

28. What was the last video you watched on YouTube? 
Points up to  answer to number 26.  

29.Have you ever sacrificed something for someone you love?
Absolutely, and it's been absolutely worth it.

 30. Have you ever had your picture in the newspaper?
When I was a kid but never since.

* By the way everyone:  There is a button in the side bar for this amazingly fun meme.  Come on over!

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  1. You got me with the Van Morrison. He's great.

    1. Isn't he amazing. Music is something to put on the Beauty list for certain. Keep listening, Pandora. It heals the heart, sweet human.

  2. Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing it. :)

    1. My pleasure, Stacy. Also, I put up a few of the jewelry pieces for you to see last week maybe? I can't remember but your name is in the post header. Hope you enjoy looking through it, Hope you make some. If you can, seek out a rock hound club or gem and minerall society. They are very knowledgable about materials and you are in a great place to find amazing things to make jewelry. Enjoy!

  3. Van Morrison--one of my favorites! Thanks for linking to that video.

    1. You're welcome A., As soon as it was playing in the movie, I knew it should be put up in Monday music, but this opportunity came along first.
      Take care m'friend and fellow knitter. <3

  4. Never heard that Van Morrison song. Thanks for sharing. You sound like such a cool person.

    1. It's a special song. And, it's kind of you to say that cool thing. Thank you. You also are cool, and special. Glad we met through our blogs. Take care, and keep playing as long as you can. The world needs it's musicians- now more than ever.

  5. You and me with our salty fries and virtually ANY kind of pie. That'd make a heck of a meal.

    Also, I'm stealing heliotrope!

  6. Aha! I knew there had to be another one out there! Lolz. And yes to pie, any sort, even pizza pie.
    Take care Mz. Cat, fellow heliotropic thief.

  7. I think I was only in DC for two demonstrations. I can't remember what the second was for (but my friend was a speaker) but the first one was the last time the full AIDS quilt was on display. It was pretty amazing. I worked as one of the protectors and was assigned to two different blocks...and then realized that one of the blocks in my assignment contained a square for a friend of mine. Serendipity.

    1. Hi Bev, what a great experience to be there and hear your friend speak. And, the quilt demonstration: it was fabulous that you were there, and that one of your duties was to protect that awe-inspiring project. The fact that you were assigned to guard a block containing the square created for your friend is very touching. That is a golden memory, for certain.


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