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Friday, March 4, 2016

10% Human, the book.


This book is a must read for all.  Not only will it shatter how a member of the general public sees him or herself as a "human being", but also what they think they should be asking doctors about when they are faced with "gut" issues.

A disturbance in a person's microbiota can hide for months and even years as it slowly wrecks that internal system of  it's cooperating bacteria and creates disease in the pancreas, liver or colon.

It is suspected, in the sequence of prescriptions of antibiotics for children's earaches or other ills,  of setting up conditions that lead directly to autism.  This is brilliant science written in such a way that a person not schooled in that discipline can read and understand.

If you have children or love them, please consider educating yourself so you know what to watch for.
Be informed.  Antibiotics are life savers, but every thing that's put down a human being has its consequences.  We need to be aware of those consequences.

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