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Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday5 redacted

1. Typical Saturday when I was a child.
When I woke up I fed my brother and sister and me, washed dishes fed all the pets and  poultry, cleaned house for my mother who was too sick to do it, then when there was time, We played in the woods or we rode our bikes to someplace.

2. Typical teens?  I helped mother clean house if my brother and I didn't go off to work on a job with our father.  At night I read, played with my little sister, did the dishes, and then my brother and I hung around outside on the swings and smoked purloined ciggies from our mother's pack and joked.  Sometimes we snuck beers out there too.  This started when I was about 13.

3. Typical Saturday now?  DH and I do a little laundry, do a little work on the computer, plan new things for the garden, or go to shelter island once in awhile for fish and chips, come home and watch Netflix. 

4. When did you last spend Saturday at the park.  Last week.

5. Do you prefer to get holidays on Friday, Monday, Or any other day in the middle of the week?
Not at all.  I have no preference at all regarding holidays.  I'll leave that to businesses that run every other human activity under the sun. Let them eat wieners on any odd Wednesday in February,  celebrating  George Washington's Birthday.  Does anyone under 30 even know what day he was born on?  


  1. We had many chores too when I was young! Now, thank goodness I have the grands to help me out! We used to steal mom's cigarettes to go outside and smoke. Glad now that I have quit. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

  2. Aha! Another choregirl! Glad you have the Grands to help.
    I felt very overworked but Mom really was ill. She had to rest because she absolutely had to do the weekly grocery shopping. She had our help in the garden but needed me to sit for my sis and bro in Saturday.
    I quit smoking a long time ago,too. Glad you did also. Now that we know how addictive they made cigarettes - during the Congressional hearings - it's amazing anyone could quit.


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