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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thankful Thursday and some Accidental Art: approx #29 in a series..

Earlier, while texting a friend in Texas, I snapped this picture down thataway,*points*, and sent it to her.

We both said, "Accidental Art!"

It's been a better day than most.  There was good news from up North, encouraging and so, so sweet! God Bless my Gritty DDs and DD's doctors and her partner!

And thank you to all who are praying for her.  (((BIG HUGS!!)))

And please remember to pray for Colt in Texas.  He needs those prayers, too!

When sorting and tossing, I found this amazing hank of rough spun rug yarn in a tangle.  After teasing and flipping it around for awhile, a single knotted place appeared.  So, having run out of time to deal with it, I hung it on the same nail as the unpainted birdhouse gourd from our niece, who is also artsy/crafty.  And there it was, Accidental Art!

I think it will be a shawl

((((More big HUGS!))))

♥ Take Ye Thine Hearts Wherever Ye May Find Them ♥


  1. I feel famous now, being mentioned in your blog, hehe :) I am so glad you got some news, and I hope it gets better still. *big hugs*

    1. You silly girl, you! hehe And thanks for those big hugs! BIG HUGS back!


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