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Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday piccie: Stardust cardi is finished. Spring and doves arrive.

Stardust finished and is going overnight mail tomorrow to our daughter.

The doves are nesting again in their favorite spot.  So, I'm hoping to give them more protection from wandering predators.  Maybe we should hire this guy?

I hear he works for kibble

Well, that's all folks.  Hope you have a good week.
Meanwhile, I'll try to get to everyone's blog and put in my 2 cents.  


  1. That is such a beautiful cardigan! I love the color. Sending hugs your way :)

  2. Beautiful cardigan, absolutely stunning!

  3. Thank you Kara, and thanks for those hugs. Very sweet.
    The next sweater to finish is the one I call the manly-beastly. Presently I am brain dead and can't figure out how to knit a chart flat. The web better come through in this!

  4. Thank you Karen. She will get it today at three. This is Tuesday? Anyway, ill EmIl you asap. Things are so messed up right now. Love you!

  5. Love you too, Zippi. You are in my thoughts.


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