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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sunday Stealing: The Nosy Meme:

March 12, 2016

Healthy Meme

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing which originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser.   
Cheers to all of us thieves!!!  

Healthy Meme

There is a LINK in the side bar for this fun weekly meme.

Stolen from: Love me some surveys

When was the last time you got a nose bleed?  Over 65 years years ago.  It's not my malady apparently.

Do you keep magazines by your toilet? Oh no, yuck.  I can't bring myself to even keep them in a bathroom.  I think it's totally nuts thinking, but that's me. TP is the only paper I can stand to have in there.

If you were a waiter/waitress, would you make good tips?  The only food service jobs I've had were in the school cafeteria, and at a hamburger joint- to earn my guitar money.  I think about 10 regulars would give me tips - so not bad for fast foodies!

Have you ever stolen a road sign or traffic barrier? No, and the reason is that San Diego has a place where you can get salvaged signs all the way from stop signs to regular street signs.  With heavy demand I bet they make extras because it's so lucrative.  I understand why people love them so much.  I'd love to have some but got too lazy to go down for a look.

What are the best kind of Girl Scout cookies? Sorry,  I'm naming three: Samoas. Tagalogs, and Thin Mints.  

When was the last time you purchased alcohol?  I don't do the shopping, so maybe 25 years ago?

Do you find it attractive when a guy actually shows his feelings?  Oh ya.  I love emotive guys from big old teddy bear types to long tall cowboys.  It just shows that they are human.

Are you a fussy eater? Geez, now I am.

List everything you ate and drank today: 
Nosy, nosy, nosy, nosy, nosy, nosy, nosy, nosy, nosy,nosy, nosy, nosy, nosy,nosy, nosy, nosy, nosy!!!

How are you sitting? Pretty?  Both feet on the ground?  On a cloud?  I'm sitting in a chair typing this thing out.  Then I'm going to sew a collar on a sweater, having found out how to, and trying to get to sleep after that.

Waiting for something? Bad news on the Morrow, I reckon.

Do you like pretzels? I love them truly, madly, deeply, passionately.

Do you wait until you’ve completely finished a certain makeup product before you buy a new one? 
 I never did wear anything but mascara and eyeliner and lipstick and it's been years since I've used any of that so I call that a marketing fail.  Besides, it enhances my 1800's school marm look.

Did you wake up before 8:00 a.m. this morning? Yes, I always wait to get out of bed though.  A person should at my age.  You need to know if your legs still work.

Have you ever told anyone you were okay when you really weren’t?  Lots of times.  It's the only way to live a life of obscurity with no fussing.

Do you have reason to cry right now?  Crap yes. But you've all heard enought about THAT!

How many sodas a week do you have?  I haven't had a soda for a decade.  I do drink NAB from time to time.  And some sparkling wine at new year's.

Do you shop at Victoria’s Secret?  My sister does.  I can't be bothered.  I'm primarily interested in gardening and building things as sports.

Are you into sports?  Used to be.  I have the funniest cartoon from probably a 1970's Atlantic Monthly.  A Jeeves type (practically black tie) is looking at his plump and tall wife, who is all tricked out in headband, t-shirt, shorts and running shoes.  He says to her, "Dear, I do believe that you are turning into a Jock."

Can you easily touch your toes? I can put both my hands flat on the floor in front of my feet.

What did the last shoes you wore look like? Aquamarine Crocks, which I'm presently living in.

What do you currently hear? The hard drive fan on the cpu.

Have you ever done yoga? I've done Yoga over half my life and still do it a bit from time to time.
Thnx to Cathy Thorne, source at Wikipedia site

Do you text a lot? We have been this last couple of months.

Do you have a fax machine at home?  No.

Do you know anyone who has diabetes? Such and Odd question. I don't think we do. Yes, I think the neighbor.  

Have you ever had to block anyone online? I did this to one obnoxious troll during the Health Care skiffuffle. 

Are you afraid of thunder and lightning? Thunder and Lightning is exciting!!

Are you a shop-a-holic? Nope not me.  My sister and I used to go shopping and to lunch when she was well.  She is, I'm not.

Are you healthy?  No, and I no longer give a rat's ass about my health, 
Excusez mon Française.


  1. Hiya Zippi, sounds like that is as good a reason as any to eat some cookies!

    1. Yes it is, Jennifer. We should all have a cyber tea party with lot of cookies, and cakes! I'll host it!

  2. Love visiting you on Sunday mornings, Zip, your answers leave me grinning. Proof that a conservative and a liberal don't have to hate. :)

    1. Hating is for the sissies. It takes real people to shake hands across a manufactured divide like that one. Pleased to know you, Stacy!

  3. Nosy nosy nosy indeed. What a bunch of dumb question... I wish that there were some new and interesting memes out there to steal. Memers are a dying breed.

    1. Yes, I really think we are, but it's still fun to heckle and use our creativity to tell stories with pictures,too. Wheeee!

  4. Replies
    1. It is fun, isn't it? heehee. It took a bit of digging to find it again. The web is a good and fun place.... mostly.

  5. I hope the bad news did not come.

    1. Sadly, it can only be delayed. But thank you for the hopes, CountryDew. Very kind..


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